Sunday, 14 August 2011

summer in the city 2011!

hey everyone!
so yesterday (13-8-11) me and my friend lydia (tweet her! @lydiagalbraith_) went up to london for the youtube gathering, summer in the city!
the event runs over 3 days:
12-8-11 hyde park
13-8-11 regents park
14-8-11 jubilee gardens

1- me and sam pepper!
2- me and amazingphil!
4- mine and lydia's 'happy faces.'
5- me and liam!
6- me and edplant!
7- summed up my emotions for the day.
8- me and danisnotonfire! (sorry for the quality - my puctures keep doing this! D:)
i also got a picture with tom milsom but it won't upload :(

hehe. it was such a great day! poor charlie barely made it into the park, he got mobbed before he could get to the main event (even though i was in the mob, i felt sorry for him!) neither did phil and dan, but they were set free after a while ;D i thought i was going to faint in the charlie mob though, i was uncomfortably close to people. everyone was so lovely and smiley, and me and lydia have already made a pact that we're definetely going next year!
i hope you had a great weekend and are having an amazing summer!

thanks for reading!

maddie xx

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