Monday, 22 August 2011

colourful nails!

hey everyone!
so i thought i'd share with you my nails i recently painted!
i love the look of every nail being a different colour ever since i saw caggie from made in chelsea sporting them!
the colours i used are (thumb going inwards):
barry m cobalt blue
barry m berry ice cream
avon peppermint leaf
barry m peach melba
barry m bright red
and the base coat and top coat i used was barry m base coat, top coat and nail hardener.

also if you could send me any requests for posts that would be great!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Lush - I do these also, all based on good ol Caggie! Love a bit of Made in Chelsea!! xx

  2. Love these colours! I love peppermint leaf, have that in my collection :) hated it at first.
    Lucy x

  3. @blindbeauties oh yes! but i didn't actually like caggie too much, hated spencer and hugo even more ;D i love funda - independent woman hell to the YEAH! ;D
    @lucyylou oh i love the colour! have you tried the matte colours? they really dried my nails out D:

  4. i got barry m peach melba and "coral".
    Well, Coral is amazing! amazing amazing

  5. @julieth oooh i'll have to give it a go because as much as i like peach melba, i find it quite hard to work with! x

  6. Gorgeous nails :) amazing colours!!!

    Please check out my blog also :D

    I'm new to blogger so let me know what you think!


  7. lovely colours! I love the avon peppermint leaf so nice! x


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