Wednesday, 17 August 2011

recent purchases #2

hey everyone!
i brought more stuff so i thought i'd show you! some of it's a bit boring but i thought i'd show it anyway! this is over a few shopping ponderings :)

watch - next, £8

i've been looking for a watch like this for ages, and i was beyond happy when i found one and for such a great price! i got it at an outlet centre, so i don't know if it's £8 in normal next stores, but i just love this watch a lot! the only thing is, it's a bit too big! i have unusually small wrists, so i'm going to have to get an extra hole cut in it to fit my wrist!

'17' lipstick in 'dreamy, £4 something!

so after a couple of dissapointments on the natural collection lipstick front (they broke,) i thought i'd look for another brand of lipstick, and i'd heard 17 lipsticks are good so i thought i'd give one a go. i love this shade! the picture of me isn't picking up quite how bright it is, it's pretty bright! and it's very long lasting! it gets a big thumbs up!

bag - £5, carnaby accessories
thought this was a bit of a bargain if i'm honest! it was again from the outlet centre, and came from a shop called famous footwear, but the brand is carnaby accessories. i'd never heard of the shop or the brand before! but the rrp was £12, then in the shop it was £9 and then it went down to £5 in the sale - lovely jubbly!

vest tops - gap, £4.75
this is pretty boring but i thought i'd include them as it's something i brought! again, these are from the outlet centre and they are normally £7.99 but they were 40% off (i think they were £4.75... i can't remember! you do the math ;D) and they're really good quality so why the hell now. i don't have vest tops these colours. i wear a lot of brown and i liked the purple :)

barry m nail varnish - 2 for £4.99 or £2.99 each
i've wanted these colours for ages! they are cobalt blue and peach melba. i've seen peach melba on a few people on youtube, and my friend was wearing the blue and it's such a lovely colour. when i see barry m on offer i have to grab a couple of nail colours, i love nail varnish!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. That lipstick is really gorgeous! That watch looks really vintage too xx

  2. @lovelain94 yeah it's bright which is out of my comfort zone usually but i love it! i know - doesn't look like next at all! :) x

  3. That lipstick looks gorgeous even the packaging :)
    Lucy xx

  4. @lucy yeah i think the packaging looks pretty high end! i don't like the shiny blue packaging from 17 x

  5. I love the nail polishes! <3


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