Wednesday, 31 August 2011

favourite films!

heya everyone!
so the other day i was watching beauty crush's video about her favourite films and i decided that i thought it would be a cool idea to do a blog post on my favourite films! (PLUS i'm having a major blogging blockage - help me! i want to blog but i can't think of ideas!)
i'll put pictures of the films below, but i'll only talk about a few of them :)
i'm not a massive film junky but i do like to pop on a film every now and then, and these are a few of my favs!

elf; charlie and the chocolate factory; the devil wears prada; mary poppins; big daddy; night at the museum 2; couples retreat; billy madison; jungle book; i now pronounce you chuck and larry;
run fat boy run

my top 4 films;
1. night at the museum 2 - this seriously is my favourite film EVER. i could watch it all day - my friends and family know how obsessed with it i am. and the reason i prefer number 2 to number 1 is because of the fact that hank azaria (plays kahmunrah in this, whit in run fat boy run, david in friends) is in it and his character literally makes me cry of laughter. i love the whole cast actually, owen wilson, ben stiller etc. if you haven't seen this, you HAVE to.
2. the devil wears prada - i think every girl has to watch this film. it's about the rough and tumble world of the fashion industry. about a high maintenence and difficult high end fashion magazine editor and her assistant, who knows absolutely nothing about fashion (to begin with.) it's got a very dry humour in it, which i love because i have a very dry sense of humour. it's so great! and the guy who plays anne hathaway's boyfriend is HOT. meryl streep is also in it who i love, and emily blunt.
3. elf - OH MY GOODNESS who doesn't love this film? it's the ultimate christmas film about an human brought up in an elf world on an adventure to find his real dad in new york. so charming and happy, it makes me feel so good afterwards! and the quotes from this film are absolutely hilarious! (a personal favourite - 'buddy the elf, what's your favourite colour?)  you have to see this. and if you have, watch it again. it has will ferrel in it, and james caan, who has been in loads of things but i always remember him for his role in The Godfather, where he played Sonny Corleone, just a bit of a different role in elf ;D
4. run fat boy run - i do love me a bit of british humour, and this has got to be my favourite british made film. it has simon pegg, thandie newton and hank azaria (he keeps popping up doesn't he!)  in it, and is about a man who is desperate to get back with his ex fiancee, who he left pregnant at the alter. after meeting her new boyfriend, who is hotshot american runner, he decides to do the london marathon to win back her heart. i must say this has got to be one of THE most funniest films i've seen!

other films i've seen lately which i love but aren't out on dvd yet are:
arthur (russell brand version); horrible bosses; inbetweeners movie; bridesmaids

if you have any reccomendations for films they'd be muchly appreciated! as you can probably tell, i like comedies and family films - easy watches basically! i don't like things i have to think too much about!
also, PLEEEASE request me something to blog about!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

sunday catch-up

hey everyone!
i thought i'd do a sunday catch up. i kind of want to make my blog a bit more personal, more blog posts on days out with friends and family, etc. yay or nay? i want you guys to know what i get up to so you can get to know me a bit more :3

1. on monday i went to lakeside! (haul? yay or nay?) it was a painfully long drive, and we got stuck in traffic on the way home *sigh* but i got some lovely things! including some office shoes. forever strutting in my office shoes. so let me know if you want a recent purchases #3!

2. i went to my friend jemma's on tuesday and she said we should watch black swan. i'd never seen it before. i was horrified. not as bad as human centipede, but still not pleasant! some people are all like 'omg it's so beautiful!' i think it's just plain weird if i'm honest. i mean, the things she gets up to! oo-er.

3. saw the inbetweeners on wednesday. possibly the funniest film i've ever seen. *WARNING* don't watch it with your parents. just don't put yourself through it - yes, it's a 15 and the series was an 18 (i'm a rebel hehe) but the film, in my opinion, is even ruder than the series. you have been warned. but it's still absolutely brilliant!

4. GCSE results were released on thursday. even though i'm year 10 going into year 11, i still had some results to collect for 35% of my english literature. i got an A! *happy dance* i was extremely proud of myself, and my target's a B so it felt good to defeat my target - muhahaha. congratulations to everyone who got their results back on thursday! whilst we're on the subject of school, i've seen loads of 'school organisation tips' posts going around, do you want me to do one?

5. i've just sat here and watched man u beat arsenal 8-2. i'm a man u fan. i'm happy.

6. requests are welcome :)

maddie xx

Friday, 26 August 2011

review: maybelline dream matte mousse foundation

hey everyone!
today i'm going to be reviewing the maybelline dream matte mousse foundation.
i should probably start by telling you that i used to absolutely love this foundation, but my opinion has changed rather drastically. i did a FOTD ages ago and i think i used it there, but my opinion of this foundation has changed since then.

the colour is fine - it looks extremely orange in the pot (picture below,) but it blends in with your skin tone extremely well. also, it's very high coverage which is great if you like that. i do like high coverage but recently i've found that i prefer a medium coverage.
it's also very true to it's word - it's very matte. i like a matte or satin finish so i really like the finish on this. it also blends very well.

that's where the pro's for this foundation stop, because i've realised how cakey this foundation looks on the skin. it really doesn't look natural at all. the texture of it really reminds me of cement, which isn't very pleasent to put on your skin at all.
i also think the colour of it is miss-leading. if i didn't know that the colour blended into my skin, i would never think of putting that colour foundation on to my skin.

overall, it's not that i absoloutely hate it, but i definitely wouldn't reach for it first. i would only use it if i had absolutely nothing at all to put on my face.

i would really appreciate it if you guys could reccomend me a good foundation!
i'm currently using natural collection's tinted moisturiser which is great, but i want a better coverage foundation.
i have normal/combination skin, and i like matte or satin finish.
if you want to reccomend high end foundations then of course you can, but i would prefer if you could tell me a drugstore one that you like :)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Monday, 22 August 2011

colourful nails!

hey everyone!
so i thought i'd share with you my nails i recently painted!
i love the look of every nail being a different colour ever since i saw caggie from made in chelsea sporting them!
the colours i used are (thumb going inwards):
barry m cobalt blue
barry m berry ice cream
avon peppermint leaf
barry m peach melba
barry m bright red
and the base coat and top coat i used was barry m base coat, top coat and nail hardener.

also if you could send me any requests for posts that would be great!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011


i made a tumblr!
i reckon you should follow it, so we can tumble together. i want to reblog some well alright pictures!
tell me your tumblrs plssss!
love you darlings!
maddie xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

recent purchases #2

hey everyone!
i brought more stuff so i thought i'd show you! some of it's a bit boring but i thought i'd show it anyway! this is over a few shopping ponderings :)

watch - next, £8

i've been looking for a watch like this for ages, and i was beyond happy when i found one and for such a great price! i got it at an outlet centre, so i don't know if it's £8 in normal next stores, but i just love this watch a lot! the only thing is, it's a bit too big! i have unusually small wrists, so i'm going to have to get an extra hole cut in it to fit my wrist!

'17' lipstick in 'dreamy, £4 something!

so after a couple of dissapointments on the natural collection lipstick front (they broke,) i thought i'd look for another brand of lipstick, and i'd heard 17 lipsticks are good so i thought i'd give one a go. i love this shade! the picture of me isn't picking up quite how bright it is, it's pretty bright! and it's very long lasting! it gets a big thumbs up!

bag - £5, carnaby accessories
thought this was a bit of a bargain if i'm honest! it was again from the outlet centre, and came from a shop called famous footwear, but the brand is carnaby accessories. i'd never heard of the shop or the brand before! but the rrp was £12, then in the shop it was £9 and then it went down to £5 in the sale - lovely jubbly!

vest tops - gap, £4.75
this is pretty boring but i thought i'd include them as it's something i brought! again, these are from the outlet centre and they are normally £7.99 but they were 40% off (i think they were £4.75... i can't remember! you do the math ;D) and they're really good quality so why the hell now. i don't have vest tops these colours. i wear a lot of brown and i liked the purple :)

barry m nail varnish - 2 for £4.99 or £2.99 each
i've wanted these colours for ages! they are cobalt blue and peach melba. i've seen peach melba on a few people on youtube, and my friend was wearing the blue and it's such a lovely colour. when i see barry m on offer i have to grab a couple of nail colours, i love nail varnish!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

summer in the city 2011!

hey everyone!
so yesterday (13-8-11) me and my friend lydia (tweet her! @lydiagalbraith_) went up to london for the youtube gathering, summer in the city!
the event runs over 3 days:
12-8-11 hyde park
13-8-11 regents park
14-8-11 jubilee gardens

1- me and sam pepper!
2- me and amazingphil!
4- mine and lydia's 'happy faces.'
5- me and liam!
6- me and edplant!
7- summed up my emotions for the day.
8- me and danisnotonfire! (sorry for the quality - my puctures keep doing this! D:)
i also got a picture with tom milsom but it won't upload :(

hehe. it was such a great day! poor charlie barely made it into the park, he got mobbed before he could get to the main event (even though i was in the mob, i felt sorry for him!) neither did phil and dan, but they were set free after a while ;D i thought i was going to faint in the charlie mob though, i was uncomfortably close to people. everyone was so lovely and smiley, and me and lydia have already made a pact that we're definetely going next year!
i hope you had a great weekend and are having an amazing summer!

thanks for reading!

maddie xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

herbal essences 'tousle me softly' shampoo and conditioner review

hey everyone!
today i'm going to be reviewing the new addition to the herbal essences shampoo and conditioner family - tousle me softly. (just out of curiosity, how do you say tousle? like 'toss' or 'toos?' i've had debates about it with people - let me know!)
i'm a girl who LOOOOVES that tousled, beach hair look. i have naturally quite curly hair, and i used to hate it and would have done anything for straight hair. it's not completely curly, i suppose it's more wavy with the odd ringlet. but i've now learnt to embrace my waviness and curliness. i've also learnt that i look hideous with straight hair - how times change!
hair type
i guess i should tell you a little about my hair type. i wash my hair every other day because my hair can get greasy rather quickly. my hair's quite fine, but there's a lot of it if you get me! and i also colour my hair, just in case that makes a difference.
okay, on to the review!

it's blue. it's freaking blue. WHO DOESN'T WANT BLUE SHAMPOO?! (rhymes.) so after the initial amazement of this, when i was lathering it into my hair it lathered well, i find all herbal essences shampoos do. it's quite a light shampoo, however it's not too runny.
when my hair dried, it was definitely curlier and wavier than it was before - i was delighted with the results! i wasn't really expecting it to work but my hair was certainly more bouncy and wavy and such. much love for it!
that said, i don't think it would work very well on someone with naturally straight hair. i think it was designed to add curls to hair that has a natural wave. 5* A+ 10/10 100%!

before i used it, i was worried the conditioner would weigh down my hair and take out the wave and curl that the shampoo had put in. i thought i was right when i washed it out, because my hair was so soft so i thought it was too heavy. but it certainly did not! it kept the waves and curls in, and made my hair feel really soft - it was lovely! the only downfall is it isn't blue ;( 5* A+ 10/10 100%!

i would definitely re-purchase this and reccomend it to a friend! it's certainly one of my all time favourite shampoo and conditioner! its fabulous!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

hastings carnival and pirate day!

 i'm really sorry about the quality of some of these pictures - i don't know why they've gone these weird colours and i really wanted to get this post up :( but hopefully you can get the gist of them!!

hey everyone!
this is going to be a picture post on what i got up to friday and saturday just gone.
on friday, it was pirate day in hastings where loads of people go down the seafront dressed as pirates and try and break a world record (which we did apparantly!) i don't know if it was the most people dressed up as pirates OR we were arranged into a skull and cross bones shape so maybe that was something to do with it, i don't know!
and on saturday night it was hastings carnival, and there was a massive parade and stuff. it was freezing cold but we soldiered on ;) then there was an amazing fireworks display later on which i got a couple of pictures of :)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

a few primani purchases!

hey everyone!
we don't have a primark where i live, so today me and my cousin got the train to a nearby town that does, so i thought i'd show you what i brought!
all in all, i wasn't really very impressed with what they had in this time round. i think it's probably because they're inbetween seasons, but that said i still did find a few things that i did like!

brogues - £8

top (i plan to cut this off shoulder. i got it in a size bigger aswell so i can tuck it into things)

purse - £3

wing earings - £1
necklace - £2 (I LOVE THIS)

and then i was at the till. when i'm in primark, most of my money probably goes on the stuff that they put near the tills - the things i THINK i need (socks and tights that i'll never wear) and i found LIP SMACKERS xD

cherry coke lip smacker - £1

how i love lip smackers :)
and i went to boots because in my town, every year we have this thing called pirates day where loads of people go to the seafront dressed as pirates and there's loads of events happening, and we try and break a world record attempt for the most amount of people dressed as pirates, so i had to go to boots to get some red lipstick! i don't suit red lipstick very well really, so i picked up a cheap one from the natural collection in 'crimson.' i went to try it later on and it snapped! oh well. atleast it was cheap and i'll probably only wear it once!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

calling all you technicals out there!

i need your help!
so i've made my own blog button. i wanted to start putting other people's on my blog, and i thought if anyone wanted to return the favour they could add mine to their's.
so i've made it, but i don't know how to set it up so that when you click on it, it takes you back to my blog (i hope that makes sense!)
and also, if you have any ideas as to how i could let people know i have a blog button it would be muchly appreciated!
please help!

maddie xx

brand focus: soap and glory

hey everyone!
i'm going to apologise in advance for some of the pictures, they aren't the best quality but they do the job! :)
and if you don't like long posts, you're probably not going to like this very much!
so today's post is a brand review on soap and glory. i love bath and body products and love trying out different brands.
what initially drew me to the brand was their packaging! i'm an absolute sucker for packaging and OMG it's amazing - so vintagey and laaavely :D

so these are all the soap and glory products i own, and i've kind of cut them down into different catagories (as you'll see later) so it's easier to review.
also, they are all from the same 'sub brand.' i don't know if you've noticed but soap and glory have different sub brands, and they're all different colours and have different smells. these are all from the 'mist you madly' scent, which is very floral and i love it. here's a description, in soap and glory's words, of what all of these products smell like

right! so now i'm going to get started on the review of the products i own.
before i begin, a little disclaimer - all of these products were given to me as gifts from friends and family for birthdays and christmases, either as a part of sets or individually.

shower gels:

clean, girls - £5.87 & clean on me - (couldn't find a price!):
appart from the packaging being gorgeous (i will most probably say this at the beginning of every product!) this is a lovely product. i prefer this shower gel to the other one, clean on me for a few reasons: 1. the pump makes it much easier in the shower to get the product out, and i love pumps. i don't know why. and 2. i prefer the smell. it's more floral, whereas clean on me has a floral scent but also smells quite soapy.
clean, girls is a much thicker shower gel in my opinion and clean on me is quite thin. i don't mind either of these textures, but out of the two shower gels i deffinately prefer clean, girls, even though i love them both. i use clean, girls more.


daily smooth - £8.43 & the righteous butter - £10.21 (full size) £2.35 (travel size)
i'm not going to talk too much about the daily smooth because i've featured it in another blog post (favourite body moisturisers) so if you want a more detailed review of that, go and check that out. but i am very fond of it!
the righteous butter is a lovely body butter! its quite think, i'd say thicker than the daily smooth and is just a great all round moisturiser! i can't say i reach for it very often, not nearly as much as the daily smooth and i don't know why because it is a great moisturiser.

hand food - £2.35 (travel size) £4.85 (full size)
this is hands down the best hand cream i've ever tried. not only does it smell great, but it's thick yet sinks into your skin so quickly! one thing i hate from a hand cream is when it doesn't sink in quick enough and you can barely hold anything because your hands are all slippery, but this is deffinately not like that. and it leaves your hands so soft (it has marshmallow in it which probably helps,) i can't sing this products praises enough! i've tried another soap and glory in the past (endless glove) but i didn't like it as much as hand food, it's amazing!

body scrubs:

scrub 'em and leave 'em - £2.35 (travel size) and £7.40 (full size)
this is a great scrub. it smells like the 'mist you madley's' scent and is a lovely pink colour. it's a great scrub, but not overly abrasive in my opinion. it's a great all round scrub, and i use it quite a lot. i have the travel size and the full size, and i think all the soap and glory travel sizes are great value for money.

flake away - (can't find a price)
this is probably the only soap and glory product i own that doesn't have a floral scent to it. it smells like cake, which is awesome! but it says it has peach seed oil in it aswell which i can also smell - i just can't get over how good it smells!
it's also a great scrub, but it isn't very abrassive at all. personally i like a rough scrub because i feel like it's doing it's job properly, but if you have sensitive skin this is probably a better option for you than the scrub 'em and leave 'em.

i also have the scent of 'mist you madley's' in a body spray, which is great for on the go.

thanks for reading!
also, if you have any requests or ideas of what i could do for a blog post please let me know because i could really do with come inspiration!
sorry it's such a long post!

maddie xx