Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fresh start, new blog...

Hey guys!

I'm really really sorry I haven't posted in so long.
I basically lost inspiration for so long, and then i fell out of love with the look and feel of vintage beauty, but i still wanted to blog because i love products, and mostly chatting with you guys!
so i've made a new blog - Beauty Muse. I have a few posts up already and a couple drafted, and i'd be really grateful if you could check it out and maybe follow?


I won't be posting on here anymore, so if you want to see more posts from me then follow Beauty Muse. I will leave this blog open though, just in case anyone wants to look at any of the posts on here :)

thanks for the support!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

PROM | 28/6/2012



hey everyone!
so my year 11 prom was last thursday - it was such an amazing night, even though i was dosed up on antibiotics and paracetamol! i swear i never get ill and when i do its my prom haha!

my dress and the underskirt are from ebay, and i have a maybelline superstay 24 hour lip colour on my lips :)

thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

REVIEW | no7 stay perfect nail colour

'totally teal'

 'highland mist'

hey everyone!
i consider no7 to be a bit of a luxury as it is definitely on the higher priced end of highstreet/drugstore makeup in my opinion. so when the no7 vouchers come out i definitely take advantage!
after recently loosing my love for barry m nail paints (they just peel off!) i decided to try other brands - my favourite being no7.
i love everything about them. the packaging is great, the lids are long which make it easier to hold on to. i also love the brush itself, its almost a dome shape which isn't as thin as other other nail paints i've tried.
the quality of the nail colour is also amazing. the colour is so pigmented and i find that i only need one coat when painting my nails!

i've had highland mist since last year, and i loved it ever since. i think its a gorgeous colour which isn't too much, so is perfect when you want a nail colour that isn't too bold.
totally teal seems to be a cult favourite in the blogging and youtube world and i agree with everyone's views! its such a statement colour, and i absolutely love it!

what i love most about these is that they last so long. their 'stay perfect' title is absolutely right! they stay on for ages, and even though i use a base coat and top coat i found that the barry m nail paints don't last as long as these two!

so that's what makes them my new favourite brand of nail paint!
what are your favourite brands? :)

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

garnier summer body vs. johnson's holiday skin!

hey everyone!
this post is coming from the holder of the most pastiest legs ever!
in the summer, i find my face, arms and chest tan really easily and i generally go a golden colour. however, when it comes to my legs - nada!
it looks a bit silly really, it looks like i've subtly fake tanned my whole body but forgot to do my legs!

i've always had this fear of fake tan - i've never tried it but i know that if i did i'd end up looking like the love child of an oompa-loompa and snooki!

so i thought it was about time i found a really good gradual tan for my legs!
i've only tried two so i thought i'd review the two that i have tried.

johnson's holiday skin:-

quite frankly, i think this was an absolute let down.
firstly, i am one of those people that when i start using something i want to see results instantly. so when i try a gradual tan i want to start seeing results within about 5 days!
i didn't see any results with this. i even started using it day and night at one point and still nothing! i am quite pale, so i don't think its because i was using the palest one because my legs are so pale they could blind! so if i can't use the subtlest one who can?!
secondly, on the back of the bottle it says that you need to let the moisturiser sink in completely before you put your clothes on, but i wasn't expecting it to take about 10 minutes! i found it left my skin quite sticky and it just sort of sat on the skin and didn't properly sink in.
so as you can proberly tell, i am not a fan of this. it has a pleasant smell i spose, but i didn't use it for the smell i used it for the tan and it didn't do anything :(
1 star - and that's pushing it ;D

garnier summer body:-

after the johnson's holiday skin i had kind of lost faith in gradual tan, but i knew i had to do something about the legs so i had to give another one a go!
my friends had been using the garnier summer body and i had also heard about it in the blogging and youtube community, so i decided to give it a go.
the thing i fell in love with instantly was the smell! it has a gorgeous apricot scent and is just so summery!
i knew it would be moisturising too because its from the same sort of line as the 7 day intensive lotion which i also love.
i noticed results with this within three days which is amazing - i really wasn't expecting to see results that quickly! it gave me a really nice natural colour. i got the most subtle one because of my paleness and it made my legs looked naturally tanned instead of looking so orange!
also, there is absolutely no waiting around for this to sink in. it does say on the back of the bottle that you do have to wait so i was expecting thay it might take a while but i didn't have to wait at all!
i am so happy with this - definitely 5 stars! i am no longer a pale-legged freak :D

i definitely recommend the garnier summer body and steer clear from the johnson's holiday skin!

thanks for reading!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hello Stranger!

Well, hello there!
I really hope you are all well, as its pretty obvious that I haven't blogged in ages, in fact its been since April, which is actually quite embarrassing!
But honestly, it has been the season of GCSE's *shudders* and they have had to take priority. And not only have I had to revise, I've had to make sure I see friends and family and just have a bit of almighty chilling time!
However, my exams do end soon - a week tomorrow! Yippeeeeeee! Freedom, well, until September when its A-Level time! But I am quite looking forward to starting my A-Levels because I really enjoy the subjects I want to take and I think it will make the experience a lot more enjoyable - well, as enjoyable as A-Levels can be!

So as I said my exams finish a week tomorrow and then I've got a really long summer, so much more blogging!

Please leave any requests for posts you have down below and I will do my best to do them!

Please forgive me!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

imagine all the people

jumper - ebay
skirt - fit and flare dress from topshop
boots - peacocks
bracelets - gifts, ebay, dorothy perkins

hey everyone!
just another quick ootd. never thought of putting a jumper over the dress before but i really like the casual look it gives!
and i love the jumper because it has lyrics to john lennon's 'imagine' in the peace sign, which is one of my favourite songs! :D

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

review | bomb cosmetics 'choc around the clock' brulee

hey everyone!
i got this from my friend for my birthday like, last september but never got around to using it. then sunday night i decided it smelt too good to leave so i used it for the first time and... oh my god.
okay, it says on the packaging that you drop it into your bath and it relases all sorts of essential oils and shea butter and all that jazz, then you take it out and you can use it again! (which is why it's not looking it's original self in the picture.)
i dropped it in my bath, left it in for about a minute then took it out again. there was a bit of all the essential oils still left on top of it and it felt like heaven! i used it with the lush ma bar bubble bar so you can imagine the wonderful chocolatey smell. when i got in the bath, the water was sooo soft and smelt like absolute heaven! i didn't even need to moisturise when i got out of the bath because my skin was so soft!
in its original packaging, it looks like an adorable little cupcake and it comes in the cupcake case so i'm guessing thats the idea!
i think you can get bomb cosmetics in little bath and body type shops everywhere. i know there's one in my town and one in a little town near me too. they have a website and i would highly recommend trying out some of their products! i'm definitely going to be trying out some more stuff from there!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx