Thursday, 4 August 2011

a few primani purchases!

hey everyone!
we don't have a primark where i live, so today me and my cousin got the train to a nearby town that does, so i thought i'd show you what i brought!
all in all, i wasn't really very impressed with what they had in this time round. i think it's probably because they're inbetween seasons, but that said i still did find a few things that i did like!

brogues - £8

top (i plan to cut this off shoulder. i got it in a size bigger aswell so i can tuck it into things)

purse - £3

wing earings - £1
necklace - £2 (I LOVE THIS)

and then i was at the till. when i'm in primark, most of my money probably goes on the stuff that they put near the tills - the things i THINK i need (socks and tights that i'll never wear) and i found LIP SMACKERS xD

cherry coke lip smacker - £1

how i love lip smackers :)
and i went to boots because in my town, every year we have this thing called pirates day where loads of people go to the seafront dressed as pirates and there's loads of events happening, and we try and break a world record attempt for the most amount of people dressed as pirates, so i had to go to boots to get some red lipstick! i don't suit red lipstick very well really, so i picked up a cheap one from the natural collection in 'crimson.' i went to try it later on and it snapped! oh well. atleast it was cheap and i'll probably only wear it once!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Nice buys! I would love to shop at Primark one day. I live in the United States so I would have to cross the ocean for that.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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  2. @marie haha i think that would be a bit extreme for one shop ;D

  3. hiya, love the brogues and t-shirt! and that lip smacker made me laugh haha aww, sucks about that natural collection lipstick, had the same experience; convinced myself i did not care but still, a tear leaked out! haha :)x

  4. Wow! I love this stuff. I don't usually like the t-shirts they do at primark but that is really pretty. New follower :) xx

  5. Your purse is so beautiful. Love those earrings and necklace. They look so nice together. Great picks! :)

  6. Great buys. Loving the brogues :)

  7. i love the cocacola lip smacker! it always seems to leave a lovely red tint to your lips but its not too red? if that makes sense:)



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