Wednesday, 3 August 2011

brand focus: soap and glory

hey everyone!
i'm going to apologise in advance for some of the pictures, they aren't the best quality but they do the job! :)
and if you don't like long posts, you're probably not going to like this very much!
so today's post is a brand review on soap and glory. i love bath and body products and love trying out different brands.
what initially drew me to the brand was their packaging! i'm an absolute sucker for packaging and OMG it's amazing - so vintagey and laaavely :D

so these are all the soap and glory products i own, and i've kind of cut them down into different catagories (as you'll see later) so it's easier to review.
also, they are all from the same 'sub brand.' i don't know if you've noticed but soap and glory have different sub brands, and they're all different colours and have different smells. these are all from the 'mist you madly' scent, which is very floral and i love it. here's a description, in soap and glory's words, of what all of these products smell like

right! so now i'm going to get started on the review of the products i own.
before i begin, a little disclaimer - all of these products were given to me as gifts from friends and family for birthdays and christmases, either as a part of sets or individually.

shower gels:

clean, girls - £5.87 & clean on me - (couldn't find a price!):
appart from the packaging being gorgeous (i will most probably say this at the beginning of every product!) this is a lovely product. i prefer this shower gel to the other one, clean on me for a few reasons: 1. the pump makes it much easier in the shower to get the product out, and i love pumps. i don't know why. and 2. i prefer the smell. it's more floral, whereas clean on me has a floral scent but also smells quite soapy.
clean, girls is a much thicker shower gel in my opinion and clean on me is quite thin. i don't mind either of these textures, but out of the two shower gels i deffinately prefer clean, girls, even though i love them both. i use clean, girls more.


daily smooth - £8.43 & the righteous butter - £10.21 (full size) £2.35 (travel size)
i'm not going to talk too much about the daily smooth because i've featured it in another blog post (favourite body moisturisers) so if you want a more detailed review of that, go and check that out. but i am very fond of it!
the righteous butter is a lovely body butter! its quite think, i'd say thicker than the daily smooth and is just a great all round moisturiser! i can't say i reach for it very often, not nearly as much as the daily smooth and i don't know why because it is a great moisturiser.

hand food - £2.35 (travel size) £4.85 (full size)
this is hands down the best hand cream i've ever tried. not only does it smell great, but it's thick yet sinks into your skin so quickly! one thing i hate from a hand cream is when it doesn't sink in quick enough and you can barely hold anything because your hands are all slippery, but this is deffinately not like that. and it leaves your hands so soft (it has marshmallow in it which probably helps,) i can't sing this products praises enough! i've tried another soap and glory in the past (endless glove) but i didn't like it as much as hand food, it's amazing!

body scrubs:

scrub 'em and leave 'em - £2.35 (travel size) and £7.40 (full size)
this is a great scrub. it smells like the 'mist you madley's' scent and is a lovely pink colour. it's a great scrub, but not overly abrasive in my opinion. it's a great all round scrub, and i use it quite a lot. i have the travel size and the full size, and i think all the soap and glory travel sizes are great value for money.

flake away - (can't find a price)
this is probably the only soap and glory product i own that doesn't have a floral scent to it. it smells like cake, which is awesome! but it says it has peach seed oil in it aswell which i can also smell - i just can't get over how good it smells!
it's also a great scrub, but it isn't very abrassive at all. personally i like a rough scrub because i feel like it's doing it's job properly, but if you have sensitive skin this is probably a better option for you than the scrub 'em and leave 'em.

i also have the scent of 'mist you madley's' in a body spray, which is great for on the go.

thanks for reading!
also, if you have any requests or ideas of what i could do for a blog post please let me know because i could really do with come inspiration!
sorry it's such a long post!

maddie xx


  1. I love scrub 'em and leave 'em, i swear by it! Hauls? ootd's? monthly favourites? LUSH? :)


  2. @lucy thanks hun! i really want to start doing ootd's but i'm trying to work out how to get my camera so i can get my whole outfit in :)
    thanks for the ideas :D

    just about to check out your blog :)

    maddie xx

  3. I love Soap & Glory! Ive only tried a few of their products but think i will try more after reading this :) great blog.

  4. @littlelionman they're great! i have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with them actually! :L x


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