Friday, 9 December 2011

sleek new skin revive foundation review

i'm a failure, i know.
i haven't blogged in absolutely bloody AGES. i'm too afraid to look at the date of my last blog post (oh the shame!
thing is, i'm in year 11 at school and we're forever having exams and homework *sighs.* also, im lacking MAJOR blogsperation. help me people! give me a clue! any products in particular you want me to review?! i neeeeed you!
i really wanna give my blog a new look aswell, because i'm not a fan of the way my blog looks - any ideas? let me know! or any computer wizzes who could design me a new header and all that jazz? that would be wonderful! :)

righto - on to the review!

again, my apologies for the picture used for the internet. it appears this little bugger isn't the easiest to snap! that + apparent bad lighting + my non-existent photography skills. nuff said.

this is an oil free, silicone based foundation. so firstly, if you have dry skin, perhaps this may not be the best pick for you! but if it works for you - fabulous!
it says it's designed to help soothe an uneven skin tone, and day to day it helps balance out the light and dark areas of your face.
let me start by saying - i absolutely LOVE this. it's quite a medium/heavy coverage, which i like. it's also quite a dewy finish i think, because i only ever use matte foundations, and when i use dewy foundations i powder up. but i really like the way this makes the skin look!
i have pretty red skin. i have crazily rosy cheeks then really bad redness around my nose, and this foundation covers that up perfectly. at the most, i need a tiny bit of concealer round my nose, because the redness is very stubborn and likes to be on show apparently. -.-
and it has a marverllous staying power - it stays on all day which is good because i hate it when you put on your makeup in the morning and by the evening its vanished.
i enjoy this foundation! 5*! hurrah! i can't see myself wanting to try another foundation for a while to be honest, and for the price, you just can't go wrong - £7.29 if i remember correctly! it was definitely in the £7.00 mark! GO GET IT. RIGHT NOW.

much love!
maddie xx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

its all about the hair!

hey everyone!
so today i thought i'd do a hair post because i haven't done one before but i like reading them so why the devil not?!
i don't think i have a picture of my newish hair on here, but a few weeks ago i had my hair cut to shoulder length, and its dyed ash blonde with highlights, then its a really dark brown underneath :-)
i have to wash my hair every other day because it gets dirty and greasy if i don't, and i try to keep the product use to a minimum.
so these are the products i use in my hair! :)

1. herbal essences ignite my colour shampoo and conditioner - so this is a bog standard does the job shampoo and conditioner! it's helped keep my colour for agess though! and it lathers nicely too. i'm not too fussed about shampoo and conditioner if i'm honest, as long as it cleans and conditions my hair i'm happy, but i do have a weakness for herbal essenceses shampoos - i've tried a few different ones and they're all great!

2. samy fat hair '0 calories' thickening creme - i was looking for a product that would volumise my hair without making it greasy, because before i was using the umberto gianini sex bomb massive mousse and it made my hair really greasy! then i got this for my birthday and i LOVE IT! it's really lightweight and doesn't make my hair greasy at all, but it still makes it really thick and volumised! it's great! i use it pretty much every time i wash my hair and then just blow dry it out :-)

aussie dual pesonality heat protector and leave-in conditioner - i use this everytime i wash my hair because i blow dry it, so obviously i need a heat protector, but it makes my hair really soft aswell because it's a leave in conditioner! it smells quite nice too, rather fruity which is lovely :-)

wella silvikrin flexible hold hairspray - i use hairspray quite a lot because there's nothing i hate more than when you put your hair up and a bit falls down, or when its down and falls flat during the day. but i love this hairspray because it's flexible, but it's not too much of a low hold that it doesn't hold the style if that makes sense? it's easy to brush out and doesn't make your hair sticky at all. and it's really affordable too - a great hairspray!

umberto gianini glam hair morning after dry shampoo - i use this when my hair's looking greasy or needs a bit of a pick me up at the roots - it's perfect! it adds a lot of volume into the hair without making it feel built up which i find with the batiste dry shampoo. and to top it all off - it smells absolutely amazing! i can't even describe the smell but when you're in boots smell this and you will be won over!

aussie 3 minute miracle colour deep treatment - you probably would have seen this in my beauty buys post, so i've only really used it once. it's not a mask, you use it in place of your normal hair conditioner and i leave it on for a bit longer, and instead of just using it on the ends i put it all over my hair and it makes the hair feeling really soft and gives it a nice boost :-)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

recent beauty buys!

hey everyone!
so these are some beauty items that i've purchased recently!

1. Aussie 3 minute miracle deep trearment - i got this because my hair's been looking a bit dry lately, and i wanted to get a nice treatment for it. i've never actually used a treatment on my hair before, but aussie has a great reputation and smells yummy so i thought i'd pick it up. i got 2 because they were buy one get one free in superdrug!
i'll do a more in-depth review when i've used it a few times :)

next, i went into boots and saw that natural collection were doing 3 for £5 again, so i thought i'd pick a few things up.

pressed powder in cool - this is basically just a repurchase. i absolutely love this powder, but as you may have seen in my everyday slap post, it smashed :( so i brought a new one, its the only powder i've ever used and i think it's brill!

blush in 'rosey glow' - this is such a gorgeous colour - it's a kind of dark pink colour, great for autumn! i prefer these sorts of colours to baby pinks for my cheeks. and these are matte aswell and i'm not to keen on shimmery blush so i think i will be picking some more natural collection blushes up!

lipstick in cranberry - this is a gorgeous colour! a dark pink, yet it's still quite bright (i do hope that makes sense.) it doesn't dry my lips out TOO much, but it's always best to use a lipbalm with these. they don't do wonders for your lips but they do such lovely lipstick colours that i couldn't resist!

collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - i heard all they hype about this and i was like 'how can  a drugstore concealer be THAT good?!' well, it is. it's actually so so so amazing. it covers up the redness i have around my nose like a treat, aswell as any blemishes. i now feel 100% confident just using a tinted moisturiser and this concealer because it is the perfect coverage for me. infact, the other day i went to my friend's for the night and forgot my tinted moisturiser, so i just used this concealer and powder and it didn't look TOO bad.. but i'll still use the tinted moisturiser. i definitely recommend this concealer :)

if you have any requests, please do leave them in the comments!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

mylo xyloto!

its finally here!
mylo xyloto - the new album by coldplay has been released today, 24th October 2011 :-)
those who know me will know what i am an absolutely massive coldplay fan - them and oasis are by far my favourite bands of all time!
i've been waiting for this album for ages and i'm so happy i got my hands on it - i got mine from tescos for £9!
it includes the songs 'every teardrop is a waterfall' and 'paradise,' but of course, like every other coldplay album (yes i have them all, which equates to 47 coldplay songs on my ipod, and i haven't put this one on yet. you call it obsession, i call it dedication.) every other song is amazing!

definitely worth 9 quid!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

my everyday slap

no7 tinted moisturiser
natural collection pressed power (it smashed, waa)
no7 stick concealer
prestige skin loving minerals highlighter
benefit posietint
prestige bronzer
maybelline gel liner (either winged on top OR on my water line)
prestige my biggest lashes mascara
prestige white eyeliner (inner corners)
prestige brow pencil in blonde
natural collection clear mascara to set brows

so this is my everyday makeup. well, i say everyday, not when i'm at school cos i'd get told to take it off and shouted at, lulz (counting down the days where i can wear makeup everyday.. *sighs*)
when i'm at school i wear tinted moisturiser, powder and fill my eyebrows, but this is the makeup i wear when i'm not at school :)
i always buy new makeup so this changes a lot but i've been doing this makeup a lot lately :D
i also use maybelline dream matte mousse as a primer on my lid (IT WORKS,) black eyeshadow to set my eyeliner if i wing it on my top lash line and a light pink eyeshadow :)

ooooh and also, i got a job! yays! i'm now officially a boots employee - could you get a better job for a beauty blogger?!
so i'll be trying new products and stuff and reviewing them for you! WOO!

tell me your favourite makeup products!
thanks for reading :)
maddie xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

updated skin care routine!

hey everyone!
so i did a skin care routine as one of the first posts i did on this blog, but since then i've added new products so i thought i'd do an updated skin care routine! i love these kinds of posts, because i love skin care products (well, all products) and they are good if you're thinking of trying some new products or starting a skin care routine!

i have normal/combination skin, my cheeks and forehead are normal but i get oil on my nose and especially inbetween my nose and the apples of my cheek, where my pores are biggest. i also get oil on my chin.

morning routing:-

i do my morning routine when i'm in the shower because it's easier! i basically get some warm water on my face, and i scrub with the clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub. i've used this for ages now and i absolutely love it! it's correct when it says 'see fewer blackheads' because it really does make them less visable, and prevents more from coming. it basically does exactly what it says on the tube! :D
i then wash all that off and use the clean and clear morning energy skin energising facial wash. right, i love the feeling this gives. it has 'bursting beads' in it, and when you rub them into your skin they burst and tingle your skin. it makes your skin really minty if that makes sense?! it really does wake me up in the morning! it has also made my skin a lot brighter so it makes a difference to your skin!

night time routine:-

hot cloth cleanser is kind of a new craze now, ever since the liz earle cleanse and polish has become so popular! i got the no7 one for about £4 i think because i used one of the vouchers! it comes with a muslin cloth too which is a bonus. i take all my make up off, massage this into my skin, run the cloth under hot water, lay the cloth over my face to open my pores then buff it off. it makes your skin really soft and looking really great. and it acts as a scrub aswell and i do like a good scrub!
then i tone with the nivea visage pure and natural cleansing toner. if i'm honest, i don't really know what a toner's meant to do but everyone always says 'cleanse, tone & moisturise,' so i tone, just in case it does actually help my skin. i've noticed it does take off any cleanser and make up that i've missed though so thats gooood!

and finally, this is my moisturise. i moisturise morning and night, and this is a great one. it's really moisturising without over doing it and making your skin feel oily, and i just love this a lot! this is the rich one, but as i said, it isn't too much for the skin!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Friday, 7 October 2011

friday evening catch up

hey all!
thought i'd check in on what's going on in my life :)

1. i've been back at school and that's why i haven't been posting as much. It's my last year (year 11) so soon i'll be picking what i want to do for a levels and choosing what college i want to go to. it's all going so fast! it's daunting to be thinking that i might be going seperate ways to my friends, but at the same time it's exciting because i just want a change from school.. i feel so bored with it! let me know if any of you are going throught the choosing your a levels stage, or if you have any advice :)

2. as of today it's 79 days til christmas acording to santa clause on twitter. how exciting! christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year!

3. as you know, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and, unfortunately, it's pretty much all gone now. i mostly brought clothes, so if you want to see things i brought with my birthday money let me know!

4. i've been to a lot of new music lately! i've been loving two door cinema club (as you know,) and i've been loving noah and the whale, the hurts, the vaccines, the wombats - love them. and of course, i've been listening to a bit of the ratpack and the beatles, along with ella fitzgerald and sam cooke ;) you can't get more varied really, can you!?

5. i really want to start doing outfit of the days, the only thing is i've got to find someone to take pictures, or somewhere to put my camera to take pictures. so you might see some ootd's coming up! maybe! no promises!

so yeah! sorry it's not a beauty related post or anything, just a bit of a ramble. just wanted to check in and let you all know what i've been up to and some ideas for my blog. let me know what you think of some of the ideas!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

prestige: my biggest lashes review!

hey everyone!
so today's post is a review of the prestige my biggest lashes mascara!
i got this in that mammoth prestige hauling sesh i went on when it was all on offer (i did a post on it!) and i've been trying all the products since then. this has definitely got to be one of my favourite items that i got that day!
Firstly, this mascara makes your lashes SERIOUSLY long, and when i say long i mean long. i've tried the colossal and falsies by maybelline and all that but this blows them out of the water! its got a massive brush so not only does it lengthen, but it volumises the hell out of your lashes!
when i don't wear eyeliner (which i must say, isn't very often) i pile this stuff on and put loads of coats on because even without eyeliner it draws attention to your eyes. but when i wear eyeliner i don't put as much on, maybe 2 coats and it's still really good. it's very adaptable to your needs - if you want really long volumised lashes or not so dramatic you can get any look with this mascara!

i got it on offer, but the price of it is £3.24 which is bloody brilliant if you ask me!
this totally gets 10/10, 5* and an A+++ from me!

any requests? leave them below
thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

i love my docs!

hey everyone!
so here they are - my birthday present. ABSOLUTE BEAUTIES.
and i know they're extremely love hate, but i must say i absolutely love them and im determined to get more in different colours - top of my wish list being the white ones!
they were £80, and as i said they were a birthday present from my mum and dad.
i got them in schuh in brighton and mine are in a size 6!
i'm really excited to wear them with loads of different outfits! i wore them the other day when it was reasonably warm with a chunky jumper and denim shorts, but now obviously the weather is getting freakily warm for september/october in england (29 degrees where i live!) so they're going to have to be put away for a while *sighs*

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


hey everyone!

so sorry the posts haven't been coming as thick and fast lately. as you know, i went back to school a few weeks ago so i've had school work and homework to do. it's my last year which means dreaded GCSE's (dun dun dun.) I'm also getting stressed about A Levels - we have to pick soon, and I have a rough idea of what i want to do but it's more where am I going to go?!

also, you may know that it was my birthday last tusday! i had a busy week last week, then I went shopping on saturday and sunday with my birthday money hehe. i will be doing a post about my birthday present because it's too beautiful not to be admired ;D

so sorry again!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave requests. i don't know what to blog about :(

maddie xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

no.7 tinted moisturiser review!

hey everyone!
so todays post is a review of the no.7 tinted moisturiser. i really wanted a new tinted moisturiser because i've been using the natural collection one for AGES now, and as much as i love it i wanted to try a new one. i got mine in the lightest shade - fair.

obviously, it doesn't have great coverage because it's a tinted moisturiser, but i think the coverage is very buildable. my skin isn't that bad, it's just quite uneven and i have a lot of redness around my nose and a fair bit on my cheeks, so i never need an amazing amount of coverage but i do like a decent amount just to be sure. you can make this from a very sheer coverage to a light/light medium coverage in my opinion.

it also blends very well. i find the natural collection tinted moisturiser is quite hard to blend, and i think that's because it dries so quickly. but this one doesn't dry as fast so you have more time to blend it in more thoroughly.

i also really like the finish. with the natural collection one, i have to powder because it's way too dewy for my liking - overly dewy, and usually i like a matte/satin finish but this gives you a really gorgeous glow without making you look shiny.

feel free to make any requests below!
thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

my 16th birthday meal!

hey everyone!
so last night i went out with my friends for an italian for my 16th birthday! my birthday is actually on tuesday, but i didn't want to celebrate on a tuesday night really!
it was such a lovely evening and i had an amazing time! thanks to all my friends for coming!
sorry i haven't been blogging much lately: first full week at school, bla bla bla. but i will be doing a couple of reviews soon :)

leave any requests below!
maddie xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

prestige cosmetics!

hey everyone!
i suggest you get your arses down to boots now. prestige have this offer on, i can't remember exactly what it is but it got me £68 worth of stuff for £17! if that's not a bargain then i don't know what is!

all that for £17.. £17, i tell you! i'll tell you my thoughts on the things i've tried already :)

lipsticks - i got two lipsticks (i do love me a bit of lippie!) in pink diamond (left) and beautifully buff (right.) the lighting in the pictures of the lipsticks aren't very good i'm afraid, pink diamond is kind of coming up a bit purple in the picture and beautifully buff has a bit more of a pink tone to it. i love the packaging of the lipsticks and they both go on so nicely! they're really soft and you can tell they're good quality lipsticks. out of the two, i prefer beautifully buff because i found a colour in the natural collection that i LOVED called 'rose bud' but it broke and it wasn't practical to take out, and beautifully buff is pretty much the exact same colour.

lipgloss - the shade i got the lipgloss in is soft peach, and it's such a soft, subtle nude colour. i love it! the texture is strange. when you press your lips together it's quite sticky, but you can't feel you've got it on like some lipglosses i've tried. great texture, great colour, great product!

bronzer - i cannot get over how big this is. it's a beast, i promise you, you'll get value for money if you pick this up! this one is in the shade sunkissed, and there was another one which was called something like terracotta, but sunkissed is the lighter of the two. i love this because it's matte, so it looks more natural. also, it's not too dark so it gives a really nice subtle tan to your skin which i like because, lets face it, no one wants to use a bronzer which makes them look like a wotsit.

highlighter - i'm in love with this. it's gorgeous! it's next to the bronzer in the picture by the way. it just looks so natural on your cheek bones and makes you look all glowy! it's also really big, not as big as the bronzer but you won't run out of it anytime soon i can guarantee! it also, like the blushes (which i haven't tried,) looks really pretty because it's baked so it looks all marbley!

kabuki brush - i used this to apply the bronzer and it's great! it's not the softest brush in the world, but it does the job brilliantly! it's a great size and shape for bronzing your cheekbones and into your hair line. i've never seen the point in using a huge brush for bronzing because i'd be a scared it would go everywhere! but this brush is great for bronzing!

so i haven't actually tried any of the eye things i got (sorry!) but just so you know, i got the my biggest lashes mascara, the white eyeliner and the eyebrow pencil in blonde.

i also got the mineral foundation, but i swatched the fair one on my hand and grabbed what i thought was the fair one, but it wasn't til i was in the car that i'd actually picked up the medium-beige one, which is way too dark for me. i was pretty gutted, but all of the other fabulous things i got made up for it :D

if you have any requests, leave them below :)
thanks for reading!
maddie xx