Wednesday, 10 August 2011

herbal essences 'tousle me softly' shampoo and conditioner review

hey everyone!
today i'm going to be reviewing the new addition to the herbal essences shampoo and conditioner family - tousle me softly. (just out of curiosity, how do you say tousle? like 'toss' or 'toos?' i've had debates about it with people - let me know!)
i'm a girl who LOOOOVES that tousled, beach hair look. i have naturally quite curly hair, and i used to hate it and would have done anything for straight hair. it's not completely curly, i suppose it's more wavy with the odd ringlet. but i've now learnt to embrace my waviness and curliness. i've also learnt that i look hideous with straight hair - how times change!
hair type
i guess i should tell you a little about my hair type. i wash my hair every other day because my hair can get greasy rather quickly. my hair's quite fine, but there's a lot of it if you get me! and i also colour my hair, just in case that makes a difference.
okay, on to the review!

it's blue. it's freaking blue. WHO DOESN'T WANT BLUE SHAMPOO?! (rhymes.) so after the initial amazement of this, when i was lathering it into my hair it lathered well, i find all herbal essences shampoos do. it's quite a light shampoo, however it's not too runny.
when my hair dried, it was definitely curlier and wavier than it was before - i was delighted with the results! i wasn't really expecting it to work but my hair was certainly more bouncy and wavy and such. much love for it!
that said, i don't think it would work very well on someone with naturally straight hair. i think it was designed to add curls to hair that has a natural wave. 5* A+ 10/10 100%!

before i used it, i was worried the conditioner would weigh down my hair and take out the wave and curl that the shampoo had put in. i thought i was right when i washed it out, because my hair was so soft so i thought it was too heavy. but it certainly did not! it kept the waves and curls in, and made my hair feel really soft - it was lovely! the only downfall is it isn't blue ;( 5* A+ 10/10 100%!

i would definitely re-purchase this and reccomend it to a friend! it's certainly one of my all time favourite shampoo and conditioner! its fabulous!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. hiya, wow I really want to purchase that now! Great review! oh and i pronounce it 'toss' haha xD

  2. @AbbaLabba2012 thank you! and as do i! x

  3. thats awesome! does the shampoo make ur hair dry??

  4. @daphne nope not at all! :) and if it does, the conditioner does a really good job :)

  5. I have got this, just done a review for it too ;) i love this shampoo. it smells so good!


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