Saturday, 28 January 2012

umberto giannini salt spray review!

hey everyone!
so today's post is a review on possibly my new favourite hair product - the umberto giannini grunge glamour toussled salt spray.

i have naturally sort of wavy hair, and i've wanted to try a salt spray for a long time because i wanted my hair to look more beachy and, well, toussled. so when i dipped into my stocking at christmas time and unwrapped this, i thanked santa a lot!

it says you can either put this into damp hair and then either leave to dry naturally or blow dry it with a diffuser. i've tried both, and personally i like the look better when you blow dry it with a diffuser, but maybe that's because when i blow dry it i use the fat hair thickening creme in my hair too, so it's volumised and toussled and yummy. however, the other night when i washed my hair, i let it to dry a little bit, sprayed this throughout my hair and then put my hair in a plait and that made nice toussled waves too!

enhances my natural waves, doesn't have to be used with a hair dryer to work, keeps your hair in waves until you wash it again, smells DIVINE.

not a con for me, but if you have poker straight hair i don't know if it would do much for you!

for me it's a 5/5, because it gives me the hairstyle i want, the beachy toussled waves look. its definitely my new hair fave, and paired with the fat hair thickening creme.. oh my god. match made in hair heaven!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

favourite jewellery pieces of the moment

 hey everyone!
So today i thought i'd do a post on my favourite jewellery pieces at the moment!
i love jewellery, and i love accessorising an outfit with jewellery, so it's definitely something i wanted to post about!
before i start, i haven't included earings in this because i don't really wear them! i have cartilidge piercings and i wear earings in them, but generally i don't wear any on my lobes.


 Religious images bracelet: ebay - i love this as a layering bracelet, but also on it's own.

Silver love heart bracelet: birthday present - i love this! i love wearing this with the religious images bracelet because it's a pretty bracelet, with more of a casual bracelet and i like mixing two styles.

Pandora bracelet: christmas present (few years ago) - you don't even understand how excited i was when my nan gave this to me. it's gorgeous! but i need to get it fixed because the clasp has broken, so as soon as i've sorted that out i don't think i'll be taking these three bracelets off!


chain necklace: topshop sale: i saw this in one of shirley's videos and it caught my eye, so i was made up with life when i saw it half price in topshop! i like wearing it with high collared things and chunky jumpers because it's chunky in itself, and add's something extra.

bird necklace: christmas present - ahh how i love this! i love how its quite dainty, but at the same time it's quite bold with the design. i like to wear it with dresses - particularly the fit and flare dresses from topshop - because they're quite plain and again, it adds something extra.


cross ring: ebay - i saw this ring on a few youtubers and instantly fell in love. so when i was ebaying this and found one for about £2 from hong kong i also fell in love with the price ;D it's really bold and different, and i like how it's double fingered so you can chuck it on and not have to worry about anything else in regards to rings.

blue and gold ring: ebay - ebay is amazing for rings i'm telling you! i like how 'boho' this is, and when i found it, the title said 'caggie dunlop inspired,' and i do love me some made in chelsea! i think it's a great layering ring, but it's quite big so you don't have to add much else.

amber ring: unknown (sorry!) - i found this at the bottom of a drawer in my house, and instantly loved it. it's massive though, so i have a pretty blue plaster around it so it actually fits me ;D but i think it's gorgeous and so simple it would go with anything!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

get to know me tag!

Vital Stats

Name: Maddie
Nicknames: Madz (to my family and some of my friends!)
Birthday: 20th September
Place of birth: East Sussex, UK
Zodiac sign: Virgo


Hair colour: Its dyed blonde on top and dark brown underneath, but naturally its like a boring mousy brown colour.
Hair length: Just past my shoulders - trying to grow it!
Eye colour: Green
Best feature: I enjoy my eyes...
Braces? Nope!
Piercings: Twice on my lobes and 2 cartilage piercings :)
Tattoos: Nope but i want some so bad D: only have to wait til next year ;)
Righty of lefty? Righty... but apparently i hold my knife and fork like a lefty!
Occupation: Year 11 secondary school student!


Bestfriend: A girl called Emily... we were bestfriends from reception - year 6 then we went to different secondary schools :(
Award: Probably a golf award... i used to love golf!
Real holiday: Family holiday to Majorca when i was about 7 - before that it was holidays to butlins!
Concert: I'm pretty sure it was the pop idol tour at the wembly arena... with will young and gareth gates... I WAS ABOUT 6 OKAY.


Film: Night at the museum 2. Or dream girls. Or run fat boy run. Any comedy or musical really!
TV show: The Inbetweeners. Or only fools and horses. Or friends. Or gavin and stacey.
Colour: Greeeeen. Or neutral colours like cream.
Song: Omg you can't even ask me this question. ugh. i'm gonna go with a change is gonna come by sam cooke or anything coldplay. considering doing a whole post on my music taste!
Restaurant: TGI Friday's, garfunkles or JB's American Diner in brighton :)
Store: um, topshop i spose!
Book: One day by David Nichols
Magazine: Don't really read magazines anymore but if i had to choose, company magazine :)
Shoes: My black patent docs or my light browny chelsea boots from peacocks!


Feeling: Happy and chilled out!
Single or taken: Single
Eating: Just polished off some chilli con carne!
Listening to: Watching eastenders!
Thinking about: Mock exam results tomorrow! D:
Watching: ..Eastenders
Wearing: School uniform. woo.


Want children? Yeah! i even have favourite names. you don't have to day anything.
Want to be married? Yeah :)
Careers in mind? Not a bloody clue!
Where do you want to live? In the south east where i am at the moment, maybe brighton :)

Do you believe in...

God: Naaa
Miracles: Nope
Love at first sight: No... i don't see how you can fall in love with someone by just looking at them... unless there's a deeper meaning to the phrase which i don't know about!
Ghosts: Nope!
Aliens: I don't believe in little green men, but i don't believe we're the only living things in the universe either. space confuses me.
Soul mates: Yeah - i believe there's someone out there for everyone! :)
Heaven: Nope
Hell: Nope
Kissing on the first date: if you like someone go for it i spose!
Yourself: I try to! :D

Hope you enjoyed that! Thought it was something a bit different from the usual beauty post. and hopefully you got to know me a bit better :)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

box of lush goodness!

hey everyone!
so this post is probably a bit late in the january sales catagory but i wanted to share with you an absoulte bargain i picked up from lush!

lush is pretty famous for their after christmas sales because its the only sale they do all year round! pretty much all their christmas box sets get cut down to half price, which is why i picked up this little beauty...
its called billy bonkers bathtime favourites and oh my god.. its beautiful. i love the box to start with! it reminds me of willy wonka and the chocolate factory and it makes me happy :)
i picked this up in the lush covent garden store on like, the 29th december so i was really suprised at the amount of stuff they had left, considering it's a very popular store!

as i suck at describing scents and what not, i'm going to be a complete copy cat and use the lush descriptions!

candy mountain bubble bar - candy sweet vanilla bubble bar for huge clounds of comforting foam.
gingerbread house bubble bar - bathe in the bountiful bubbles of this confectionary cottage.
mrs whippy bath ballisic - superbly softening sophisticated strawberry ice-cream bath ballistic.
li'l ludh pud bath ballistic - looks like a pudding, smells like a pudding, fizzes like a spicy bath  ballistic
candy cane soap - lather up with this peppermint and almondy cherry fragrance - just don't eat it!
ma bar bubble bar - don't taste this scrumptious cocoa bar no matter how tempting it smells!
magic wand re-usable bubble bar - swish snow fairy's wand again and again for (nearly) never-ending candlyfloss bubbles.
mmm melthing marshmallow moment luxury bath melt - mmm...melt into a pink, fluffly bed of marshmallow and mega-moisturising cocoa butter.

as soon as i opened the box i fell in love - ohhhhh the smell was divine.
i used the magic wand bubble bar earlier and it smells gorgeous and turns your bath pink! yays! it takes a few swishes to get the bubbles going but it's definitely worth it!

so originally this set was £29.95 and i ended up getting it for £15! total bargain for 8 full sized lush products! i will enjoy using these up very much! there's nothing quite like a lush bath!

i got a bit happy with those thingys they stuff the boxes with hehe..

thanks for reading!
maddie xx