Friday, 26 August 2011

review: maybelline dream matte mousse foundation

hey everyone!
today i'm going to be reviewing the maybelline dream matte mousse foundation.
i should probably start by telling you that i used to absolutely love this foundation, but my opinion has changed rather drastically. i did a FOTD ages ago and i think i used it there, but my opinion of this foundation has changed since then.

the colour is fine - it looks extremely orange in the pot (picture below,) but it blends in with your skin tone extremely well. also, it's very high coverage which is great if you like that. i do like high coverage but recently i've found that i prefer a medium coverage.
it's also very true to it's word - it's very matte. i like a matte or satin finish so i really like the finish on this. it also blends very well.

that's where the pro's for this foundation stop, because i've realised how cakey this foundation looks on the skin. it really doesn't look natural at all. the texture of it really reminds me of cement, which isn't very pleasent to put on your skin at all.
i also think the colour of it is miss-leading. if i didn't know that the colour blended into my skin, i would never think of putting that colour foundation on to my skin.

overall, it's not that i absoloutely hate it, but i definitely wouldn't reach for it first. i would only use it if i had absolutely nothing at all to put on my face.

i would really appreciate it if you guys could reccomend me a good foundation!
i'm currently using natural collection's tinted moisturiser which is great, but i want a better coverage foundation.
i have normal/combination skin, and i like matte or satin finish.
if you want to reccomend high end foundations then of course you can, but i would prefer if you could tell me a drugstore one that you like :)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. i used this when i was about 12? 13? And i honestly don't know why, i like higher coverage, to me this wasnt. And it was the one foundation for my skin! I still have the odd pot for if my skins extremely good and not dry! But thats highly unlikely! I prefer the dream cream or what its called by maybelline :) Perfect for my skin!

  2. @lucy i know! it's like - why the hell did i use this?! haha, thanks for the reccomendation! :)

  3. I used this foundation years ago, and similar to you, it was like a downward slope after I bought it. I think I liked it and wore it for about a month, then the colour started making me look orange and it looked super-flaky even though I really don't have dry skin. I think it must be how they make this foundation, because so many people have the same opinion on it.

    I now use Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Foundation, and I highly reccomend it. I'd say it's medium coverage, although I also reccomend Healthy Mix. I love Bourjois and I think they do the best foundations in drugstores. I also received ELF's Studio Tinted Moisturiser recently, and that's really nice with a great SPF but it's not as high coverage as my Bourjois ones.

    Hope that helps! xx

  4. @ellie! ahh thank you! i think i may give a natural collection one ago - either 16 hour wear or perfect finish! but i definetely want to give a bourjouis one a go, and also the bourjouis bronzer! thank you for you reccomendation! :D

    maddie xx

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  6. Hello!! I used this foundation when I was very young and didn't know any better! Then I switched to a liquid maybelline foundation as when I was a young teenager it was the only foundation that was a pale enough match, but it was discontinued. However, I've been using Revlon Colourstay foundation for about two months now and am completely converted. It is my go- to foundation and I think it retails at about £12. It's medium coverage but is easily buildable and pretty matte on my skin. I'm going to be writing a blog post on it soon, so check it out and I hope this advice helps!


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