Thursday, 2 February 2012

catch up!

hey everyone!
thought i'd do a little catch up post, because i wanted to blog but i didn't know what about! so lets have a little natter shall we, things that you don't care about but i want to get off my chest - enjoy! ;D

1. i swear in year 10 & 11 - 11 especially - school work and exams and all that jazz takes over your life. seriously, i've got so much going on with school at the moment, its like one thing ends and another begins! i've got my second spanish speaking exam later in the month so it will be good to get that out of the way because that will be 60% of my whole gcse done, then i just have the reading and listening to worry about, but thats not until may or june.
also, we got our exam timetables for may and june the other day and it seriously hit home. how i hate exams! i'm just glad i'm doing btec science cos there's so many module exams so that's one less thing to worry about i guess! :-) and maths. do not get me started. i'm doing higher and cannot get a c! it's peeing me off now! school rant over.

2. leading on from that, i've found a new hobby - baking. i'm seriously into baking right now i don't even know, maybe its my obsession with cakes? hehe. but i was thinking of doing baking posts on here so if you're interested comment below! i also really want to do fashion and music posts on here - i LOVE fashion and music, i just wanted to know if you're interested in the music side of things? and with fashion, i want to do ootds but 1. i don't have a tripod and 2. i'm scared to ask people to take pictures of my outfits hehe.

3. new obsession = ipod apps. particularly temple run which i think is everyone's favourite at the moment! its just so addictive i find myself pressing 'run again' about 10 times! my highest score is 1,000,000 i think which i'm major proud of. but my friend's is like 4,000,000. cool.
also i'm loving where's my water which is such fun! it's a disney game and i highly recommend it! :D

4. author love = david nicholls. i read one day a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favourite books! so then i found the understudy and that's amazing too. now i've just started starter for ten but i've only read a couple of chapters so i can't really judge it. have you got any book recommendations? i like one day, the luxe series, time traveller's wife - books like that :D

hope you're all well!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. nice post! I'm loving baking at the moment too! I always found GCSEs hard... its defiantely a struggle at A Level too... I have it coming it from all corners at the moment! x

    1. yeah! i wanna do a levels - its not that i'm not coping its just that you need to relieve the stress sometimes :P xx

  2. Baking is awesome :)
    And I'm afraid it doesn't get any easier, I'm on the last year of my degree currently :)

    1. baking keeps me sane :P oh goodness. i'm willing to put the hard work in but sometimes i need to vent haha! i had a cheeky look at your blog and saw you do art - i wish i could do art :L :) xx

  3. Exams were the worst part of school. I am also addicted to temple run and where's my water! I think you should blog about whatever you want to :) good luck with your exams X

    1. i can't stop playing them! :L thank yu for the request! and thank you very much :) xx


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