Wednesday, 22 February 2012

my first mac purchase!

hey everyone!
so i thought i'd blog about my first EVER mac purchase because it's all very exciting and i've wanted something from there for ages. it's not exactly very new, i got it just after christmas when i went to london but just forgot to blog about it!

the item is modesty lipstick which to be fair, i haven't heard much about on blogs or youtube, it's not exactly as popular as lipsticks like angel and shy girl etc, but i do love it very much - its a very 'your lips but better' sort of colour!
i had no idea what i wanted to get when i went into mac (i went to the one in carnaby street.) one of the ladies came over and i was literally like 'show me a lipstick that would suit me,' and when she showed me modesty i was a bit doubtful because it's quite brown (swatch doesn't do it justice!) but when she put it on me i instantly fell in love! and it smells like cake and vanilla, yum. its a cremesheen finish - do they all smell like this?! and it's very long lasting which is brill!
it cost me £13.50 which is obviously a lot of money for a lipstick but i was using christmas money and i've wanted a mac lippie for ages and i thought why the hell not?!

what was your first mac purchase? or what do you want to be your first mac purchase?

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. i'm not usually a fan of colours like this, but the swatch looks lovely!xoxo

    1. same here! when the woman showed me it i was a bit 'meh' but then she put it on me and bam! definitely a your lips but better kind of colour :) xx

  2. That looks like a really nice colour X


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