Saturday, 25 February 2012

my new favourite book!

hey everyone!
so today i thought i'd share with you my new favourite book - and as you can probably see by the pictures, it's one day by david nicholls!
i finished this book quite a while ago, and i'm not going to do a whole review on it but basically it's about two characters - emma and dexter (em and dex) - and each chapter is covers their lives on the 15th July every year for 20 years - from the night they leave university onwards.
it's such a lovely story, and me being a sucker for this kind of girly books was in my element. i leant it to my friend and she was totally addicted to it aswell!
i think the way david nicholls wrote this was fantastic, which is why straight after i read 'the understudy' and am currently reading 'starter for ten' by him also, which are both fantastic books, but the story of one day is just so great that it's definitely become my favourite book!

i need recommendations though! if you guys like these kind of books, what do you recommend i read? i'm thinking of reading 'never let me go' next, as i love reading books that are films too! i've heard the hunger games are really good, but i don't know if i'd enjoy them, i don't know if they're my kind of style of book? if you're into the same books i read and have read the hunger games, let me know your thoughts because i'm undecided whether to read them or not!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Safe haven by Nicholas sparks is amazing! I think I'm going to read one day, heard good things about it X

    1. i've heard nicholas sparks is an amazing author! i'm gonna hve to read some of his books i think :) do it! its actually amazing! xx

  2. great post
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  3. This looks like such a good book! I thought EXACTLY the same about hunger games, i know your not suppose to judge a book by its cover but i always do *guilty face*. I really really recommend reading it though, i promise you won't look back. I also recommend 'private' by kate brian and 'just listen' by sarah dessen. Lovely blog, absolutely love you profile picture too! x

    1. yeah i know right! its like i don't want to read it because the cover's not pretty! :P thank you for the recommendations! and thank you so much :D xx


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