Saturday, 28 January 2012

umberto giannini salt spray review!

hey everyone!
so today's post is a review on possibly my new favourite hair product - the umberto giannini grunge glamour toussled salt spray.

i have naturally sort of wavy hair, and i've wanted to try a salt spray for a long time because i wanted my hair to look more beachy and, well, toussled. so when i dipped into my stocking at christmas time and unwrapped this, i thanked santa a lot!

it says you can either put this into damp hair and then either leave to dry naturally or blow dry it with a diffuser. i've tried both, and personally i like the look better when you blow dry it with a diffuser, but maybe that's because when i blow dry it i use the fat hair thickening creme in my hair too, so it's volumised and toussled and yummy. however, the other night when i washed my hair, i let it to dry a little bit, sprayed this throughout my hair and then put my hair in a plait and that made nice toussled waves too!

enhances my natural waves, doesn't have to be used with a hair dryer to work, keeps your hair in waves until you wash it again, smells DIVINE.

not a con for me, but if you have poker straight hair i don't know if it would do much for you!

for me it's a 5/5, because it gives me the hairstyle i want, the beachy toussled waves look. its definitely my new hair fave, and paired with the fat hair thickening creme.. oh my god. match made in hair heaven!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. I have this too and although my hair's pretty straight it still gives the tousled effect! Great product, i love the backcomb in a bottle from this range too!

  2. @zoe ahhh yeah i tried that but i wasn't too keen! was ages ago though - may give it another go :) xx

  3. Sounds really good but I have a pixie crop, do you think it would even work with shorter hair?

    1. definitely! it would give something different to your style :) xx


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