Sunday, 19 February 2012

catch up!

hey everyone!
so i thought i'd do another catch up as i feel like i haven't blogged in ages, even though its only been a week hehe! but its been half term and even though i haven't been very busy, i still haven't managed to blog?! i like doing these writing posts where i just babble on, and i'm going to draft some other posts today so i thought i'd start with this one! :-)

1. i went shopping in brighton with my friend chloe on wednesday but i didn't actually buy anything. mainly because our main reason for going was to have our first nandos! it was reaaaally good. we both had a chicken breast in pitta and chips, and we had the medium heat which i still thought was very spicy! we had a good day other than nandos though! i didn't actually see anything clothing wise, i think its because all the shops are between seasons!

2. i was planning on having a massive chilling day on thursday, that was until about 12:30, and by about 1:15 i'd had my tragus pierced! it was very random. my cousin's girlfriend was getting it done so i went with her and got it done! my mum thought i was only going for moral support and was shocked when i came home with it pierced! she was okay with it, i don't think she thought i was going to get it done though haha! it bloody hurt, they didn't numb it because they said it's so quick they wouldn't need to, and they pierced it with just a plain ball which actually keeps coming off so i may go and get some nice ones to put on it!

3. on friday my friend jemma came round and we watched 'get him to the greek' which i thought was nowhere near as good as arthur (the russell brand version,) i'm probably biased because it's my favourite film but still! it was quite funny, but quite random and weird at the same time!

4. i slept round my friend jess' last weekend and we both woke to the news that whitney houston had died, which is very sad! i'm not gonna sit here and say i was a massive fan or follower of her music because i wasn't, and obviously she had an amazing voice but i never listened to her music, but it's still very sad. on a more positive note, me and jess had a good time watching take me out and chilling out hehe!

5. back to school tomorrow, ugh. i feel like its getting far too serious for my liking now! gcse's and all that jazz. and the thought of getting up at 7am 5 days a week actually makes me want to cry. ahhh well! it's got to be done!

hope you all had a good week

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Sounds like you had a good week, NANDOS om nom nom

  2. The last day of half term is so depressing haha X

    1. i know! i'm sitting here now with it looming over haha! xx


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