Sunday, 12 February 2012

boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash review

hey everyone!
so today i thought i'd review my new face wash - the boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash!
now before i get on to the review, i thought i'd give a quick background on my skin. i've never had any major troubles with my skin, i get blackheads quite bad on my chin and around my mouth, i don't get spots normally but when i do they are on my cheeks close to my nose, and that's where my skin is oiliest. my forehead doesn't get oily at all, and my chin only gets a little bit oily. the worst thing i find about my skin is the fact that i have quite bad redness around my nose and my skin is just generally pink which makes it hard for me to find good blushes!
i thought i'd review this because it's not a popular brand like simple or neutrogena, but its still just as good! i brought this at the beginning of december and i've used it pretty much everyday since i brought it!
i've found it really does help to keep my skin clear, and before my skin was quite uneven and this has really sorted that out! i'd heard that the ingredients tea tree and witch hazel are really good for your skin, and this has definitely proved that right!
i also love how its so simple to use - i just splash my face with warm water to open my pores, put this on, then wash it off with cold water to close my pores. i then follow it up with the simple light moisturiser
the only critisism i have is the pump, because i find it tends to pump out too much, but the product only cos around the £3 mark, so if it was more this would be a bigger problem!
i really do think this has helped to keep my skin clear, its so simple but so effective!

i recommend it highly - 5/5 :-)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. This sounds promising, winter is making my skin go crazyy! i think i might have to try this! Would you say it smells quite strong?

    1. it smells of tea tree really which i assume is natural, i don't think it has any scent added to it! :-) xx


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