Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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hey everyone!
so i wanted to do a post today but i didn't know what to do, so i thought i'd do a tag because i like to read them and hopefully you do to? sorry if it's a bit boring :(
so lets get into it!

How many times do you wash your face daily?
well, i exfoliate my skin every morning (some people will say thats bad, but i find its the only way my skin stays cleat!) and moisturise every morning. sometimes, i'll use a cream cleanser at night but that's if i can be bothered, normally i chuck a face wipe over my face and i'm done. 

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
i have normal combination skin, and i don't break out that often, just get blackheads on my chin and a few random spots now and then.

What is your current facial wash? 
hmm, well i've used garnier's pink grapefruit one and i liked that but i haven't re-purchased it. may have to again! 

Do you exfoliate?
yeeep everyday, as i said :) 

What brand do you use?
my exfoliator is clean and clear, my moisturiser is simple, my cream cleanser is ponds and my toner (sometimes use one) is nivea, the pure and natural range :)

What moisturiser do you use?
simple kind to skin moisturiser
Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
nope. but i should because i keep getting dry skin around my eyes! :(
Do you or did you have acne prone skin?

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?


What foundation do you use?

maybelline dream matte mouse (bit of a love hate product!) or natural collection tinted moisturiser 

How about concealer?
don't really use one because my foundation is quite heavy coverage, but if i do it's natural collection cover up creme

Do you know your undertone color? i think i have a cool undertone to my skin? had to look that up ;D
What do you think of fake eyelashes? erm, they iyt. if you get natural looking ones they can look okay. i never use them though, i think my natural eye lashes are long enough :)

Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes i did, but i don't hehe. i only throw out a mascara when i've finished the one i have or if it dries out or goes all nasty.

What brand of mascara do you use?
 i enjoy collection 2000 mascaras!

Sephora or MAC?
well, we don't have sephora in england and i've never been to mac but i would love to. but isn't mac in sephora? and there's loads of other brands in sephora, so yeah, sephora.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

What makeup tools do you use in make up application?


Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?

 i use concealer, and sometimes a skin colour eyeshadow to absorb any oil on my eyelids

For the face?
i don't use a  primer, but i use my moisturiser as a base

What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
i have an avon 8 in 1 pallette in neutral tones, and i love all the colours in that

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
 don't use either, just a gel one

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

 don't use an eye liner pencil

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
never used any, but i think they'd be good for makeup artists because they are multi purpose.

Do you use mineral makeup?
no, but i want to try some!

What is your favorite lipstick?
 natural collection rose bud and maybelline (i think) vintage pink

How about lipgloss?
 natural collection lipgloss in raspberry ripple is laaaavely

What is your favorite blush to use?

Do you buy your makeup on ebay?

 i never have but it would be good if i ever want to try any makeup products :)

Do you like drugstore makeup?

LOVE drugstore makeup

Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
 we don't have them in england, at least i don't think we do.. (tell me if we do!)

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?

 no, it's more of a hobby

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

  i can be, especially if i'm tired

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
 bad foundation or mascara gloops in the corner of your eye. ew!

Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?

 erm, i can't really pull them off! i would love to be able to wear bright lipsticks, but my skin is so pinky red that its hard to find a colour that goes!

Which celebrity always has great make up?

 alexa chung always has such pretty, natural makeup. i just love alexa chung anyway.

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
 foundation, my eyelashes are black and i could live without putting mascara on them, but i feel really consious of my skin if i'm not wearing foundation!

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?

 erm, depends where i'm going. but the even if i'm just going to the shop i put on tinted moisturiser, powder and mascara. i just feel much more confident with makeup!

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
natural collection, maybelline or benefit

What do you think of Makeup?
its marvelous!


  1. it was fun reading it :) thanks for sharing <3

  2. There is a CCO in Portsmouth- Gunwarf Quays :) xx


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