Monday, 25 July 2011

summer nails

hey all!
so this is just a quick post on my new favourite nail colour - berry ice cream (or berry i/c  as it says on the bottle.. took me ages to find out what 'i/c' stood for.) it's a gorgeous lilacy colour and i've absolutely fell in love with it!
and excuse the messy lid xD
what's your favourite nail colour? any recommendations?



  1. that is such a pretty colour, you should try the miss sporty clubbing colours, the light green one is soooo good. i dont know the name of it because there is no name on the packaging, but its a really nice light green. love your blog check out mine?

  2. this is such a gorgeous colour! I'm going to have to go and get it. I really have been liking Becca's Brown by Models Own recenly as well as a coral colour from acsesserize. Great blog! :)

  3. oh cute colour, I am really into bright orange at the moment.

  4. @molly - ah i might have to check those out! are they long wearing? thanks hun - just about to check your blog out! :)

    @georgia - yes go get it! it's amazing! i havent tried any models own but i really want to :)

    @megan - i love orange - especially on toes :)


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