Tuesday, 12 July 2011

favourite body moisturisers!

hello lovelies!
today's post is going to be about my favourite body moisturisers. there's only three, but they leave my skin feeling soft as a baby's backside! so, onto the first two:

bodyshop body butters:

i love these body butters too much. they leave my skin leaving so so soft and come in loads of yummy flavours! these are two of my favourites - mango and coconut. some other favourites are olive (destroyed a tub of that) and pink grapefruit. those are just some favourites but i love them all! (please note that the coconut packaging is really old packaging and has changed now, but don't worry it's still okay!)
i only really use these at night because they tend to be really thick. i know all body butters are but these are REALLY thick. these are 5/5; 5*; 100%; A+; etc!
the big tubs retail at £12.50 which is pretty expensive but they do last a really long time! but you can also get smaller tubs which retail for £6 and are perfect for in your bag or to try some scents :)

soap and glory 'the daily smooth':

i really rate this body butter! other than the scent being lush (smells floral with a hint of blackcurrent) it is a really good daily (obviously) moisturiser. it isn't as heavy as the bodyshop body butters which can be a good thing because when you want to moisturise before you go out it sinks in really quickly which is great!
i really like other soap and glory products, but in my opinion, other than hand food, this is the best soap and glory product!
this is my second favourite moisturiser, and only because the bodyshop one comes in more scents! and is much more moisturising.
this one retails for £8.43, which is also quite expensive. i would go as far as to say it's quite overpriced, but only by a pound or two. i got it in a set for christmas though!

SOO that's that! i know there was only three, but i do really like these & plan on trying more in the future. i might do a post on cheaper body moisturisers, but that will be some time in the future :)
up coming posts will be:
  •  review of natural collection lipsticks
  •  my favourite perfumes


  1. I love The Body Shop ones, they're fab.. I love the pink grapefruit one as it smells delicious! x x

  2. @Jessie: i know it smells so gorgeous! need to get myself a big tub! i'm also loving cherry and sweet lemon but i don't forgot to include them in the post! x

  3. i love the body shops coconut body butter too! it smells amazing!! a great post im now following you:)


  4. @georgia thanks! just about to check out your blog :) x


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