Wednesday, 13 July 2011


hey all!
bit of a random post, but i felt like blogging and wanted to do something other than a beauty post :)
i was reading jessie's ( post and she was talking about music in her 5 confessions post, and it made me want to do a post about my love for music.

i've always loved music, since i was really little. i never played an instrument apart from the violin when i was 7... i think my family were EXTREMELY happy when i decided enough was enough! i prefer to listen to music than to play it.
my mum has always encouraged me to listen & dress how i want to, and to not follow the crowd. i think the earliest band i can remember loving was oasis. my brother used to blast out wonderwall from his room and i used to love it! so when i met liam gallagher in covent garden you can imagine i was a very happy bunny :)
(hate the picture of me.. BUT OMG ITS LIAM!)
yeah.. we chased hin down covent garden..

the past year of my life has been the toughest, and i know it sounds so cliche but music has helped me through it! when i'm feeling down i would listen to my ultimate feel good songs: born this way by gaga or god only knows by the beach boys. mumford have also helped me through some tough times, as has frank sinatra.
probably my favourite bands ever are oasis & coldplay. (can't express my love for coldplay! in fact, i've decided my wedding song will be yellow by them, i don't even care what my future husband says!) my other favourite bands/singers are kings of leon; mumford and sons; adele; frank sinatra; elbow & foo fighters. you should deffinately check them out if you haven't before! :)
some people will probably think this is a bit of a pointless post, but i thought i'd tell you one of the main passions in my life. it's so important to me, and i know it will always be there.

thanks for reading!


  1. I've just came accross your blog, Very jealous of your meeting with Liam!!!!!! We have quite similar tastes in music and as cliche as it sounds I couldn't live without my music! :) xx

    jess @


  2. @Jess haha thanks :P i know what you mean, i love to just sit there and listen to music haha :D x


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