Saturday, 23 July 2011

brand focus: natural collection

hey everyone!
so today's beauty post is a review on the brand - natural collection. you can only get natural collection in boots, and all the make up (they also do bath and body things) is £1.99, which is a bit of a bargain.

right, so this is all the natural collection. i thought it was pretty nifty because there's 3 things for all aspects of make up: eyes, lips and face.
i'll start with a general comment about all of the products: i bloody love them all. yeah okay, some of them have their faults and the packaging isn't all that great but come on, for the price the quality is VERY good.

i'll review the eye products first:

right, so i don't have any eyeshadows or eyeliners from natural collection but i do have three mascaras which i love a lot. as you can see from the picture, i have a lash defenition one, a clear one (lashcare) and a waterproof one.
lash defenition: this is probably my least favourite out of the three. i don't use it a lot and that's because it doesn't give me the volume that i like. i like really thick long voluminous mascara, and this doesn't give me that. however, it is very good for putting over the top of your mascara and really, well, defines them as the name suggests! 3/5
lashcare: this is a clear mascara, and i use it every single day. you're not aloud to wear make up at my school, and even though people do i know, because when i put black mascara on my eyelashes go really long, i'll get told to take it off. so i use clear mascara to make my eyelashes look longer and it does a great job of that.
however, the reason i love it is because it does an amazing job of setting my brows! seriously, i'll do my brows, but this over the top and they don't budge all day. this is AMAZING as a brow set. 5/5
water guard: this is a waterproof mascara, and a very good one! i've only used this once because i brought it last week because i went to thorpe park on wednesday (was amazing!) and obviously needed a waterproof mascara to avoid looking like a panda/raccoon/the joker. and it didn't run all day which is, obviously, everything i want from a waterproof mascara! 5/5


              (top picture) l-r: rose bud lipstick, sandcastle lipstick, rasperry ripple lip gloss
(botttom picture) l-r: rosebud lipstick, sandcastle lipstick

lipsticks: i will start with the positives! i love the colours of these! by the way, for rose bud lipstick, the bottom picture is more of a true colour for it. the swatch looks really vibrant, when really it's a dark pink. i really love the colours, and the brand do loads of colours which are all really pretty! i also love that they do a sheer range (sandcastle) so that you can build up the colour.
however, there are some negatives. they are as drying as HELL. the rose bud lipstick is from the 'moisture rich' range but it's not. they are really drying, and you have to apply lipbalm before applying them, which leads on to the second problem of the fact that they are not long wearing at all, and when you're out and about you can't be applying lipbalm, waiting for that to sink in, then applying lipstick. 3/5

lipgloss:LOVE THE NATURAL COLLECTION LIPGLOSSES. granted, i don't really wear lipgloss that often but when i do i love it! they all smell and taste so good! the colours gorgeous and they're not too sticky! my only critisism is that they're quite drying, but no where near as bad as the lipsticks.


tinted moisturiser: i wear this a lot and i love it! it's so nice and light and pretty long wearing. i wear it to school and in the summer, and it's a really nice consistancy and a joy to blend into the skin. however, and this is a personal critisism, i don't like dewy skin and obviously because this is a moisturiser it is very dewy - i couldn't wear it without powdering, but when i've powdered i love the finish of it! 5/5

pressed powder: as you can see, this is well loved. i use it everyday, and it keeps me matte all day. i sometimes wear it on it's own and even on it's own it gives quite a nice finish to the skin. i've gone through loads of these - they are so amazing! i don't really know what else to say about it because just a powder but it's probably my favourite natural collection product! 5/5

cover up creme: right, sometimes i use this as a concealer and it's brill! i love it! it's a great concealer, but my foundation covers up most of the imperfections on my skin. so mostly i use this as an eye primer and set it with powder and it really evens out my eye lids, makes them less oily, (i have extremely oily eyelids, its weird) and really brings out the colour of whatever eyeshadow i put on. and they stay put for quite a while! not all day, but deffinately 4 hours+. 4/5, because it's not really really amazing.

so yeah! i hope you enjoyed this extremely long blog post! you can buy the products from here: and just search natural collection :)

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. I love natuaral collection too! I particuarly love there eye shadows there really cheap but so amazingly pigmented! great post :)

  2. I want to try the pressed powder. I may have to get my hands on that when I'm next in Boots! x


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