Sunday, 17 July 2011

crazy accerssorize sale!

hey all!
so i thought i'd get this post out today so you'd know about it and get your butts down to accerssorize.. they're having a 70% off sale!
is this for real?! i hear you say, but oh yes, it certainly is, and i thought i'd show you my purchases as evidence:

so first i got this bracelet. it's like those religious images bracelets with the christianity images on which everyone is wearing (me included,) but this one is images of hinduism (i think.) i think it's so unique and pretty!
these come in a pack of two, a yellow one, and a purple one, but i went halves with my friend lydia and it cost me a grand total of... 75p! yes, you read that right. a bracelet from accerssorize cost me 75p. obviously they were £1.50 together but if there is a pack of two bracelets, its such a good idea to go halves!

secondly is this gorgeous necklace. my only fault of it is that it has an 'R' on it, but obviously that's my own fault for not looking, and anyway i don't really care because when it's on you can't really see it.
it's one of those really expensive looking ones, and it was with an RRP price of £12.00, and i paid £2 something! (i lost the recipt.) i think it's an absolute steal, and it looks so puuuurty.


maddie xx


  1. Exciting! I know where I'm going tomorrow, thanks! x x

  2. @Jessie i know! i was beyond excitement. and the accessorise in my town is tiny so i was getting pushed around everywhere haha! :) x


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