Thursday, 29 September 2011

i love my docs!

hey everyone!
so here they are - my birthday present. ABSOLUTE BEAUTIES.
and i know they're extremely love hate, but i must say i absolutely love them and im determined to get more in different colours - top of my wish list being the white ones!
they were £80, and as i said they were a birthday present from my mum and dad.
i got them in schuh in brighton and mine are in a size 6!
i'm really excited to wear them with loads of different outfits! i wore them the other day when it was reasonably warm with a chunky jumper and denim shorts, but now obviously the weather is getting freakily warm for september/october in england (29 degrees where i live!) so they're going to have to be put away for a while *sighs*

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. These are gorgeous, I've wanted a white pair of docs for so long :) And yes the weather has been so strange, I just bought a load of warm and cosy clothes the other day which I was excited to start wearing, but I guess I'm going to have to wait a little while for that haha :)

  2. @kate i'm eyeing up the white ones for christmas! thought i'd start with the black ones though :) i know! i kind of want it to be winter now though haha! xx


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