Tuesday, 27 September 2011


hey everyone!

so sorry the posts haven't been coming as thick and fast lately. as you know, i went back to school a few weeks ago so i've had school work and homework to do. it's my last year which means dreaded GCSE's (dun dun dun.) I'm also getting stressed about A Levels - we have to pick soon, and I have a rough idea of what i want to do but it's more where am I going to go?!

also, you may know that it was my birthday last tusday! i had a busy week last week, then I went shopping on saturday and sunday with my birthday money hehe. i will be doing a post about my birthday present because it's too beautiful not to be admired ;D

so sorry again!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave requests. i don't know what to blog about :(

maddie xx


  1. can't wait to see your birthday present post! i'm trying to guess what it is! haha. xx

  2. @grace haha! i'll give you a clue - it's a clothing item ;D xx

  3. Happy belated birthday! Good luck with your GCSE's and everything, I'm sure you'll be fine. Is the clothing item a dress?



  4. @sarah thank you very much! and no! it's not actual clothing.. its shoes but i didn't want to be too obvious - but what the hell hehe!


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