Monday, 3 October 2011

prestige: my biggest lashes review!

hey everyone!
so today's post is a review of the prestige my biggest lashes mascara!
i got this in that mammoth prestige hauling sesh i went on when it was all on offer (i did a post on it!) and i've been trying all the products since then. this has definitely got to be one of my favourite items that i got that day!
Firstly, this mascara makes your lashes SERIOUSLY long, and when i say long i mean long. i've tried the colossal and falsies by maybelline and all that but this blows them out of the water! its got a massive brush so not only does it lengthen, but it volumises the hell out of your lashes!
when i don't wear eyeliner (which i must say, isn't very often) i pile this stuff on and put loads of coats on because even without eyeliner it draws attention to your eyes. but when i wear eyeliner i don't put as much on, maybe 2 coats and it's still really good. it's very adaptable to your needs - if you want really long volumised lashes or not so dramatic you can get any look with this mascara!

i got it on offer, but the price of it is £3.24 which is bloody brilliant if you ask me!
this totally gets 10/10, 5* and an A+++ from me!

any requests? leave them below
thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Ooo i wanna give this a go! :) Prestige is just arriving at my boots!
    Lucy x

  2. @lucy ahh go get it! i also recommend the baked highlighter and the bronzer :) xx

  3. See normally I would completely stay away from this just because of the packaging :p but if you've given it a 10/10 then I'm going to have to try it out!

    Beckie @ xx

  4. @becks i know what you mean! it looks really cheap and i would have stayed away from it too but i heard really great things :D xx


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