Friday, 9 December 2011

sleek new skin revive foundation review

i'm a failure, i know.
i haven't blogged in absolutely bloody AGES. i'm too afraid to look at the date of my last blog post (oh the shame!
thing is, i'm in year 11 at school and we're forever having exams and homework *sighs.* also, im lacking MAJOR blogsperation. help me people! give me a clue! any products in particular you want me to review?! i neeeeed you!
i really wanna give my blog a new look aswell, because i'm not a fan of the way my blog looks - any ideas? let me know! or any computer wizzes who could design me a new header and all that jazz? that would be wonderful! :)

righto - on to the review!

again, my apologies for the picture used for the internet. it appears this little bugger isn't the easiest to snap! that + apparent bad lighting + my non-existent photography skills. nuff said.

this is an oil free, silicone based foundation. so firstly, if you have dry skin, perhaps this may not be the best pick for you! but if it works for you - fabulous!
it says it's designed to help soothe an uneven skin tone, and day to day it helps balance out the light and dark areas of your face.
let me start by saying - i absolutely LOVE this. it's quite a medium/heavy coverage, which i like. it's also quite a dewy finish i think, because i only ever use matte foundations, and when i use dewy foundations i powder up. but i really like the way this makes the skin look!
i have pretty red skin. i have crazily rosy cheeks then really bad redness around my nose, and this foundation covers that up perfectly. at the most, i need a tiny bit of concealer round my nose, because the redness is very stubborn and likes to be on show apparently. -.-
and it has a marverllous staying power - it stays on all day which is good because i hate it when you put on your makeup in the morning and by the evening its vanished.
i enjoy this foundation! 5*! hurrah! i can't see myself wanting to try another foundation for a while to be honest, and for the price, you just can't go wrong - £7.29 if i remember correctly! it was definitely in the £7.00 mark! GO GET IT. RIGHT NOW.

much love!
maddie xx


  1. god damn my dry skin! this looks fabulous X

  2. Great review, shame I have dry skin :(

  3. @lucy&char - well you could definitely give it a go but moisturise well! i was just thinking may not be ideal on dry skin because of it's non oilyness! :-) x x

  4. Great review. I have really red skin so I might try this seeing as it's not too expensive! xo

  5. @sarah i feel your pain! it gets right on my nerves! and this covers it but still makes you look a tiny bit rosy, but not like a red freak! xx


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