Monday, 5 September 2011

byebye summer!

hey everyone!
so summer is over for me and i start school again tomorrow. kind of looking forward to it actually! it will be nice to get back into a routine! although, i'm going into year 11 which means exams, exams, exams!
this post is just to say that i've had such a fantastic summer, and i thought i'd share a few snaps with you! it's been so great and thanks to everyone who made it so great - even if you're not reading this!
i've also been blogging a fair bit through the holidays which, of course, i've loved! i love you all and i love this blog :)
but unfortunately, the blog posts won't be coming as much as they have been because i'm going to be busy with school and stuff, but i will try and post at least 2 a week! no promises though!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Great Photos. I will miss Summer lol. x

  2. @katie haha! although it hasn't been much of a summer weather wise!!

  3. Great photos :)
    Lucy x

  4. love the photos, starting school today, not too happy about it. but i get a late start which is good. and for once we had a good british summer haha;L

  5. @lucy thanks :)
    @molly thanks! :D yeah we had a late start aswell. and yeah we did! :)

  6. You've got some great pictures. I always love the theme park pictures they give you... excellent!! I'm sad summer's going now but autumn's got a lot to give haha.

  7. So sad that summer is over but it looks like you had such a good one! Roll on next summer!! x

  8. @raz thanks! and i LOVE autumn! its awesome ;D and its my bday so WOO!

    @arabella thank you! :)

    @temporary:secretary haha i did! so am i but i'm a big autumn/winter lover! :D

  9. Nice blog *


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