Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Umberto Gianini Glam Hair Product Review :)

Hey everyone! :)
today, i am going to be reviewing some umberto gianini products, in particular the 'glam hair' range. umberto gianini products are available from boots, i don't know about superdrug and i'm not sure if they're available in the USA or other countries, sorry!
a direct link to the glam hair products is here: http://www.boots.com/en/Umberto-Giannini/Glam-Hair/?cm_re=c9094_rot2-_-content-_-back_comb_feature&cm_sp=brand_treatment-_-c9094-_-c9094_rot2
all of these products retail for £5.61 each :)
DISCLAIMER: at the bottom of the page :)

to make things easy, i'll go from l-r in the picture :)

sex bomb massive mouse - i haven't tried many volumising mousses because i don't really like the feeling in your hair when it's all bunched together and stiff, but this is a pretty good one. i really only use it when i'm going out, but when i use it it's good. it does leave that feeling in your hair, but what i do is apply it to the roots and the top of my hair, let it settle for a bit, brush my hair then towel dry it and even without blow drying my hair it leaves my hair more volumised than before. i have blow dryed my hair with it in and unfortunately it didn't do much. it works better when i towel dry it. i would purchase this again and i give it a 3.5/5. :)

morning after dry shampoo - this is deffinately my favourite out of all the products! not only does it smell amazing (as do all of the products,) it's the best dry shampoo i've ever used. it's WAY better than batiste in my opinion! it absorbs the dirt in your hair extremely well, and it is also extremely good at adding volume to your hair (in my opinion better than the volumising mouse, but i would reccommend the mouse!) and is just a great all round product. i give it a 5/5.

backcomb in a bottle - this is where my love for the umberto gianini products stops. i really, really don't like the backcomb in a bottle. i thought it would give me instant volume, it doesn't. it made my hair look like it hadn't been brushed for days, which isn't a look i like. it also made my hair really sticky and hard. i used it by lifting up the top layer of my hair, spraying underneath, 'shooshing' it (couldn't think of a better way to describe it :P) and it was meant to add volume underneath but it didn't. i also tried applying it straight to my roots, and again it made it look like my hair hadn't been brushed. can't say i like it at all! i give it a 1/5.

rock 'n' roll extreme hairspray - right, okay, i don't COMPLETELY hate this product, like i did the last one, but it's not my favourite product of the bunch. i can imagine it would be an really high hold hairspray, but when i first used it, and what kind of put me off, is the fact that when you spray it in the product just sort of sits on your hair wet, and takes atleast about 3 minutes to settle. the hold's good, but i wouldn't buy it again. i'll give it a 2.5/5

glamour puss crystal mist - well i can't say much about this product because i haven't used it. it's basically spray in glitter, and i'm not really a fan of glitter. but i have sprayed it on my hand, and it was a kind of orange colour, i tried to take a picture but my camera wouldn't pick up the colour & i don't know if it stays that colour in your hair. i'll give it a rating purely on first impressions - 1/5, and thats just because i don't really like glitter in my hair and it was shockingly orange. :)

so, overall, i'm not really a fan of these products. i LOVE the dry shampoo and would deffinately buy it again, i would buy the volumising mousse again probably just so i have it but i wouldn't buy any of the other products.

thanks for reading!

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