Saturday, 4 June 2011

maddie the bookworm - its a long one!

hey everyone!

firstly, this two posts a day thing will most probably not be continuing for much longer. i've been on half term so i've been able to set this blog up and do a couple of posts a day and stuff, but when i go back i have one week in school, work experience & then straight into exams (woo.) so the posts won't be coming so thick and fast but i'll try my best to get some up as quickly as possible :)

i thought i'd do a post on books i love reading! i am a complete and utter bookworm, i love to read! i usually read before i go to sleep but i will read if i have any free time when not on the laptop. also, i'm a BIG girly girl when it comes to reading, i love to read 'chick flicks.' i do want to try and branch out and read other things, but when on ebay (cheap and cheerful!) looking for books, i find myself drifting towards the girly ones...

these are some of my favourite reads. the luxe, angus thongs and full frontal snogging and the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic are all the first in a series. i'm currently on the second book in the luxe series.
i love along for the ride by sarah dessen, and she has other books out like this so i think when i've finished the luxe i'll have to have a look at those!
i read the angus thongs and full frontal snogging books before i watched the film and, compared to the books, the filmed sucked in my opinion. and it makes me cringe - some of the things the say, oh dear. but i do like to drool at dave the laugh so i will watch it again and again ;) i haven't seen the time travelers wife film, but i don't want to watch it because the book is absolutely amazing and i don't want to spoil it haha!
and as for the secret dreamworld of a shopaholic books well, they've gotta be the funniest series of books i've read! love them. becky bloomward's whole life makes me giggle! and i love the film aswell, which is called confessions of a shopaholic.

if you have any recommendations for books, leave a comment! :)


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