Friday, 3 June 2011

20 Questions Tag

hey everyone!
today I'm going to do the 20 questions tag - my first tag! hehe. i love reading and watching people do tags and i think it's a good way of getting to know people :)
so lets get into it..

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
my phone, ipod & camera :)
2. Favourite brand of makeup?
hmm.. i like the natural collection - cheap and cheerful! but i also like rimmel and maybelline
3. Favourite flower?
lillies - love them!
4. Favourite clothing store?
even though there isn't one where i live, i love h&m. i would say primark but i'm not being funny, it's got a bit expensive for the quality! and if i fancy a splurge then obviously topshop :)
5. Favourite perfume?
oooh.. er.. sarah jessica parker nyc & britney spears midnight fantasy - both lush!
6. Heels of flats?
FLATS! flats all the way. i'm a girl who loves comfort - i won't wear something just because it looks good, it has to be comfy too if you get me!
7. Do you make good grades?
erm yeah.. well i like to think i do! i work hard at school :)
8. Favourite colours?
i like neutral colours like cream and light brown and that, but i also love that apple green sort of colour :)
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
occasionally.. either if i'm on a trip or if they're on offer! i think my favourite is rockstar.. love it!
10. Do you drink juice?
only really at breakfast.. other than that i either drink water or fizzy!
11. Do you like swimming?
NO. no no no. unless i'm holiday. i hate swimming in england & love swimming abroad haha, and once i'm in a pool i'm in there for hours!
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
yeah, i'll eat everything with a fork. people take the pee out of me because i eat pizza with a knife and fork hehe :3
13. Favourite moisturizer?
simple kind to skin replenishing moisturizer
14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
yeah i'd love to :)
15. Do you get mad easily?
well, i usually bottle up anger, but i get really easily annoyed and i'll be the first to admit i'm easy to wind up haha :)
16. Are you into ghost hunting?
can't say i am! never really been into it, i ain't afraid of no ghost!
17. Any phobias?
er, i have things that i really don't like, like insects. but no phobias. but i do have this thing against swollen things on your body (oo-er) like if you've broken something and its swelled up, it makes me feel sick! ooh, i don't like lightening either, but i don't think they're phobias because i can put up with them
18. Do you bite your nails?
19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
i set my hair on fire once! (not on purpose) i was in my cousins room, and used to have really long hair and he had a candle on his window sill and i was trying to put dvd in the dvd player and my hair swung into the candle. not fun times. i don't know if that's a near death experience?
20. Do you drink coffee?
no i don't like it :( but it's one of those things i want to like!

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