Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Skincare Routine :)

hey everyone!
today i'm gonna do a post on my skincare routine, because i know a lot of people like to see what other people use, and it's good for recommendations :)
i'm gonna split it into 3 sections - what i use in the morning, what i use at night and what i use occasionally :)
i'll give you a bit of info on my skin. i have normal/combination skin. i get quite an oily t-zone, and i have normal cheeks which can get dry sometimes. i've never had problems with acne, i get the odd spot here and there, but my main problem is blackheads which i have a lot of on my chin and around my mouth. i also get a lot of redness, especially around my nose, but i haven't found a product that helps that yet.

i'll start with what i use in the morning :)

clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub: this is the best thing of all. i love this - would never be without it! it's oil free, so doesn't add anything i don't need and it has loads of beads in so i'm not using one bead to scrub one side of my face if you get me! the cream in it does a really good job of removing excess oil, and it reduces the visability of your blackheads which is GREAT. 5/5!

simple replenishing rich moisturizer: this is my second favourite thing in my skincare routine! i didn't think i'd get on with it at first because it doesn't say that it's oil free or anything, but it's a really good moisturizer! it leaves my skin leaving really soft, and is an excellent base for makeup. again, 5/5!

next, what i use at night:

face wipes: well, face wipes are face wipes! i use them to take off my makeup and if i'm not wearing any makeup i use them to remove any dirt and bacteria. i'm not going to give them a rating because they all do the same job :)

ponds cold cream cleansing cream: i think i'd like this better if it was made for my skin type, i think it was made for more dryer skin types. that said, it does leave my skin feeling really soft. it also does a really good job at removing makeup. i apply it to dry skin then use a hot flannel to remove it, because that's meant to give you a 'deep cleanse.' it's alright, but not my favourite, i'll give it a 3 and a half/5

nivea pure and natural cleansing toner: i really like this! there's not much to say really because it's just a toner, but it has no silicones, parabens or anything like that. i use it after the cleanser, and it does a good job of getting any dirt or makeup that i've missed. it's a 4/5 for me

finally, things i use occassionally:

avon solutions pm maximum moisture: i use this night cream when my cheeks are dry, and obviously at night because its supposed to give 'maximum moisture.' it's okay, it does give a little bit of moisture but not as much as i'd expect from the name. i'll give it a 3/5

avon clear skin pore perfection clay mask: i put this in the blog to say that i do use a mask sometimes. this mask isn't my favourite, for my skin it doesn't really do that much. doesn't make it that much softer either. i deffinately prefer either lush fresh face masks or those ones you can get anywhere in the little sachets with the person on the front wearing the mask. i'll give it a 2/5

so thats my skin care routine! i hope it gave you ideas if you have a similar skin type to me :)

please read!
from now on, i'm going to try and do a blog post every other day because i won't have time to do as many a day as i'm doing now. i have loads of exams coming up so i'll be revising for them. like i said, i'll try and do one every other day, but if i miss one day, sorry!



  1. hi, have you come across anything for redness yet? i suffer from bad redness around my nose too

  2. @kevin no i havent im afraid! i've heard the avene extremely gentle cleanser is good for redness and i really wanna give it a go :) xx


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