Tuesday, 24 January 2012

favourite jewellery pieces of the moment

 hey everyone!
So today i thought i'd do a post on my favourite jewellery pieces at the moment!
i love jewellery, and i love accessorising an outfit with jewellery, so it's definitely something i wanted to post about!
before i start, i haven't included earings in this because i don't really wear them! i have cartilidge piercings and i wear earings in them, but generally i don't wear any on my lobes.


 Religious images bracelet: ebay - i love this as a layering bracelet, but also on it's own.

Silver love heart bracelet: birthday present - i love this! i love wearing this with the religious images bracelet because it's a pretty bracelet, with more of a casual bracelet and i like mixing two styles.

Pandora bracelet: christmas present (few years ago) - you don't even understand how excited i was when my nan gave this to me. it's gorgeous! but i need to get it fixed because the clasp has broken, so as soon as i've sorted that out i don't think i'll be taking these three bracelets off!


chain necklace: topshop sale: i saw this in one of shirley's videos and it caught my eye, so i was made up with life when i saw it half price in topshop! i like wearing it with high collared things and chunky jumpers because it's chunky in itself, and add's something extra.

bird necklace: christmas present - ahh how i love this! i love how its quite dainty, but at the same time it's quite bold with the design. i like to wear it with dresses - particularly the fit and flare dresses from topshop - because they're quite plain and again, it adds something extra.


cross ring: ebay - i saw this ring on a few youtubers and instantly fell in love. so when i was ebaying this and found one for about £2 from hong kong i also fell in love with the price ;D it's really bold and different, and i like how it's double fingered so you can chuck it on and not have to worry about anything else in regards to rings.

blue and gold ring: ebay - ebay is amazing for rings i'm telling you! i like how 'boho' this is, and when i found it, the title said 'caggie dunlop inspired,' and i do love me some made in chelsea! i think it's a great layering ring, but it's quite big so you don't have to add much else.

amber ring: unknown (sorry!) - i found this at the bottom of a drawer in my house, and instantly loved it. it's massive though, so i have a pretty blue plaster around it so it actually fits me ;D but i think it's gorgeous and so simple it would go with anything!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. lovely jewellery! i have a cross ring from ebay as well, it arrived broken! but was nothing a bit of superglue couldn't fix, it's one of my favourites! x

  2. @sian yeah you do get that - especially if it comes from other countries! xx
    @charlotte thank you! i love it :D xx

  3. Hi Maddie! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog (your blog is seriously super cute!)! Here's the link to my blog post: http://athingof-beauty.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html


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