Tuesday, 10 April 2012

review | bomb cosmetics 'choc around the clock' brulee

hey everyone!
i got this from my friend for my birthday like, last september but never got around to using it. then sunday night i decided it smelt too good to leave so i used it for the first time and... oh my god.
okay, it says on the packaging that you drop it into your bath and it relases all sorts of essential oils and shea butter and all that jazz, then you take it out and you can use it again! (which is why it's not looking it's original self in the picture.)
i dropped it in my bath, left it in for about a minute then took it out again. there was a bit of all the essential oils still left on top of it and it felt like heaven! i used it with the lush ma bar bubble bar so you can imagine the wonderful chocolatey smell. when i got in the bath, the water was sooo soft and smelt like absolute heaven! i didn't even need to moisturise when i got out of the bath because my skin was so soft!
in its original packaging, it looks like an adorable little cupcake and it comes in the cupcake case so i'm guessing thats the idea!
i think you can get bomb cosmetics in little bath and body type shops everywhere. i know there's one in my town and one in a little town near me too. they have a website and i would highly recommend trying out some of their products! i'm definitely going to be trying out some more stuff from there!

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Sounds lovely! I always see Bomb Cosmetics in cutesy little holiday shops :)


  2. aaah that was how i was trying to describe the shops you can get bomb cosmetics in! thanks haha! xx


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