Wednesday, 4 April 2012

catch up

hey everyone!

so the easter holidays are upon us - yippee! however soon its gcse season and therefore, revision. *boo.* but i refuse to be bogged down with work! i mean, of course i'll be doing revision but a girl's gotta have a break right?! it's definitely gonna be a chilled one, and next week is my friend jemma's 16th so we're going out for a meal for that!

yesterday, i got something of my long fashion wishlist! if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that i FINALLY got a vintage levis denim jacket! aaaaah! and for an absolute bargain price of £6. yes, you saw that correctly. my mum's friend sold it to us and i love it too much. i think i may have just encouraged Kudzai (blog here) to get one hehehe!

i ditched the blondeness on saturday and my auntie put a lovely light brown colour over my hair, but its really natural looking cos some of the blondeness is still showing through so it's brown with a goldnen hint to it. that makes no sense whatsoever. i'm not down on the hair terms.

sorry if you thought this was a boring post but i like to enlighten you on what i've been up to even if you don't care haha!

hope your all well and having a lovely easter break if you're having one!
thanks for reading!
maddie xx


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