Sunday, 4 March 2012


hey everyone!
does anyone else have annoyingly dry lips? it seriously drives me mad, ugh.
today i thought i'd share with you some of my favourite lipbalms - they're predictable, but they work for me :-)

firstly, carmex.
carmex is my saviour for when my lips are really dry and cracked. i feel like it really moisturises my lips well and makes them tingle hehe! i like that because it makes me feel like it's actually working. it doesn't linger on my lips for ages, it sinks in pretty fast and when the job's done, my lips feel so soft.
i also love the smell! i got the cherry carmex, which smells like cherry with kind of a minty smell to it. you can also get the original and i'm pretty sure there's a mint one too.
it looks yellow in the pot, but there is absolutely no tint to it, which is good because you can slap it on on the go without having to worry if you've put too much on. you can pick this up in boots, superdrug and i'm pretty sure topshop for around the £2 mark which i think is really good considering the fact that it's like a god for your lips! definitely reccommend if you have extremely dry lips which need a bit of tlc!

i think everyone must own a few tins of vaseline. i've personally never tried the original or the green, i belive aloe vera one. as you can see from the picture, i own the cocoa butter one, the creme brulee one and the rosy lips one.
i also think that there are very mixed views on vaseline. granted, it's not ideal if you have really dry and cracked lips, because it isn't like carmex in the sense that it gets to the root of the problem. but for people who have normal lips and just want them softened a bit this is perfect! my lips go through stages - they're either really dry or relatively normal. when they're normal i use vaseline because it makes them feel really soft. it almost puts a moisturising film over them, which is really lovely!

i've taken a seperate picture of the rosy lips vaseline because it leaves such a lovely tint to the lips! please excuse the ugly dent in it, i was a wolly who thought it would be smart to put it on on the bus, the bus jolted, the lid went in the vaseline :( but i can get past this because i use this as my lip colour most days! it also has a reasonable staying power aswell! :D

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. Great post, I find the carmex one really good too for my dry lips. Definitely wanna try the rosy lips vaseline one though, I love tinted lipbalms x

    1. it's such a gorgeous tint too! i couldn't believe it when i tried it for the first time haha! :D xx

  2. I love the rosy lips vaseline! Try blistex thats my saviour or palmers peppermint and dark chocolate lip balm x

    1. ooooh definitely will! i love trying out new lipbalms :D and peppermint and dark chocolate sounds like heaven haha! xx


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