Sunday, 11 March 2012

catch up

hey everyone!
so i've just been into town to have a mooch around with my friend maddie. didn't buy anything but i made a discovery! you know that green barry m lipstick?! it's actually pink! i heard about it the other day but i had to see it for myself. i'm actually shocked! it's magic :o

also, i've just finished a block of exams at school and it feels so good knowing i have a bit of a break from revision! especially for maths - all i want is a c and if i get one this time round i don't have to re-take so fingers crossed! i also did my spanish speaking which i'm really happy with and got some english results back - i have to re-take one of them but that's okay :-)
and i've finally decided what i want to do for my a level choices! i'm going to do re, english literature, spanish and i.t! have any of you taken these a levels? are you studying them now? let me know!

i'm currently reading never let me go by kazuo ishiguro, and i liked it when i first started reading it but i'm not so crazy about it now. i'll probably persevere with it but its getting a bit boring now! do any of you have any good book recommendations?

thanks for reading!
maddie xx


  1. if you havent read them already then i highly reccomend the hunger games series, they are so good :) xx

    1. i think i may have to give them a go - loads of people i know have read them and have loved them! thanks for the recommendation :D xx

  2. I'm in my second year of I.C.T with the OCR exam board and I do think it quite good. The theory in the first year isn't hard its just there is a lot to remember. I thought I had done well on the CW last year, but I actually did really badly haha. The problem is your not meant to ask your teacher for help on the tasks which I think is pretty pointless... I ended up getting an E which was totally unexpected and has really dragged my grade down. Luckily I managed to get a C overall which I am happy with and this year its easier for your tutors to give you help on the CW although the theory is harder. Email me or comment if you wanna ask any questions about I.T or GCSEs :) xx

    1. omg thanks for the advice! :D yeah its all changed hasn't it im finding that in my subjects now my teachers cant help! and thank you :D xx


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