Saturday, 17 March 2012

first outfit post!

hey everyone!
omg i'm so excited about this post because its my first outfit post! yays!
i love clothes and fashion - i'm probably more passionate about it than beauty products and makeup etc, which is what my blog's been primarily about since i started it!
i didn't make any outfit posts literally because i couldn't find anywhere to take them! excuse my messy bed in the background :P but now i have i'm really excited that i can start featuring fashion and style posts on here!
i'm off out to my dad's friend's birthday party and this is what i'm wearing :D

my outfit:
cardigan: topshop (sale)
dress: topshop (sale)
bangles: debenhams
boots: river island

sleek new skin revive foundation
maybelline gel liner
max factor lip liner in 'fire'
avon lipstick in 2000 red


  1. Great outfit! Look forward to seeing you're future outfit posts :)

    Karys x

  2. Replies
    1. i got them for christmas! i love them :D
      maddie xx


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