Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hello Stranger!

Well, hello there!
I really hope you are all well, as its pretty obvious that I haven't blogged in ages, in fact its been since April, which is actually quite embarrassing!
But honestly, it has been the season of GCSE's *shudders* and they have had to take priority. And not only have I had to revise, I've had to make sure I see friends and family and just have a bit of almighty chilling time!
However, my exams do end soon - a week tomorrow! Yippeeeeeee! Freedom, well, until September when its A-Level time! But I am quite looking forward to starting my A-Levels because I really enjoy the subjects I want to take and I think it will make the experience a lot more enjoyable - well, as enjoyable as A-Levels can be!

So as I said my exams finish a week tomorrow and then I've got a really long summer, so much more blogging!

Please leave any requests for posts you have down below and I will do my best to do them!

Please forgive me!
Thanks for reading!

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